If you are looking for a novel idea for your Halloween fancy dress party, why not create an event that is based on the True Blood television series and create your own Eric Northman Halloween costume. This is a TV show that would be perfectly apt for the Halloween season due to its mixture of vampires, werewolves and other types of magical mystical creatures.
True Blood Eric Northman costume
True Blood is the name of the synthetic drink that vampires can drink as a substitute for blood. This is the name that was taken to bring to life the pages of the collection of stories written by Charlaine Harris. Her Sookie Stackhouse books are about a waitress from Mississippi and the events in her life which involves meeting vampires, shape shifters and a whole host of other fantastical things.

Eric Northman – The True Blood Modern Day Vampire Costume
There are a couple of vampires that you could decide to design your look on. You could choose to be Eric Northman or Bill Compton.

Getting The Eric Northman Vampire Look
Eric Northman is a vampire with authority. He is the owner of the local vampire club called Fangtasia and he is also the Sheriff of the area. He is a very tall Nordic man so if you wanted to emulate this look, you would need a couple of things to achieve this.

The Hair
When he was alive, Eric was a Viking. He had long blond hair, which reached his shoulders. This would be easy to replicate by getting hold of a long blond wig and cutting it so that it is the right length.

The Face
All vampires have very pale skin so you would need to add a touch of white powder to your skin in order to get the right consistency.

The Vampire Fangs
We all know that vampires have fangs (well except for the ones in the Twilight Saga), however the characters is True Blood only show their fangs when they are either angry or aroused. The fangs are the most important part of any vampire costume and you should be able to find a pair for sale in any good fancy dress shop. You could also easily look online to place an order.

The Clothes
Eric Northman is definitely a snazzy dresser. He may be centuries old but he has a great figure and his is not afraid to show it off.

There are a couple of looks to choose from. You could go for the casual look which is a tight fitting t-shirt or sweater teamed with a pair of dark jeans. Alternatively you could go for the smart two piece suit that he has been seen wearing. Now you are all set. Get your partner to dress up as the sexy Sookie Stackhouse when you go off to your next fancy dress party.