Sookie Stackhouse Costume

If you are a fan of the True Blood TV show then you may like to consider using the series as an inspiration for your Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume. The television show is a combination of fantasy and thriller with a touch of comedy added into the mix. The various characters that appear include a variety of vampires, werewolves, Kings, Queens and lots more besides.
True Blood Sookie Stackhouse costume
The TV series was created from the Sookie Stackhouse collection of books written by Charlaine Harris. Sookie is a young woman who lives in the town of Bon Temps, Mississippi. She works as a waitress but also has a particular skill. She is a telepath which means that she can read minds. She can hear the thoughts of all the people around her. Some people are afraid of her because of this ability while others just think that she is plain crazy.

What You Need For A Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume
If you decide to create a Sookie Stackhouse costume then here are the things that you need to consider.

Sookie Stackhouse Merlottes Waitress Outfit
Sookie works as a waitress where she has a uniform that she almost wears. This would be a very simple Sookie fancy dress costume that you could put together. It consists of a white fitted t shirt with the word Merlotte emblazoned on the front of it. You can find these available for sale online or if you are little bit creative, you could make your own by getting plain white t shirt and adding an iron on label to the front.

The waitresses all wear little black shorts as part of their uniform and a short green apron. This is all to help the customers in the bar to spend a little bit more money than they normally would. If you have got the figure for this very tight fitting ensemble then you will certainly take someone's breath away.

The footwear is a simple pair of white trainers with a pair of short white socks. Comfort is the main thing for the feet as waiting staff are on them all day every day.

To complete the whole look just add a notepad and pencil to the ensemble and you are good to go.

Sookie Stackhouse Hair
Sookie Stackhouse has the blondest of hair. She could be described as white trash (she has actually referred to herself as so). The hair is a little darker at the roots, proving that she is not a natural blond. To replicate this look, you would just need to get a platinum wig if your own hair isn't of this colour.

In order to complete the True Blood Halloween theme, all you need is for your boyfriend to dress up as Sookie's vampire boyfriend Bill Compton or he could opt for the Nordic Viking vampire Eric Northman.