I am a huge fan of True Blood. Season one was so dramatic and intriguing, and season two has brought the show to a whole new level. In season one you just followed Sookie running around in the small town of Louisiana, trying to solve the case of the horrible serial killer. The season also tells the love story between humans and vampires. In season two, you will be amazed to discover more dark secrets of each main character, witness more mysterious creatures, and admire how vampires construct their world in modern cities if they did exist. All of these were way beyond my imagination!

I did not read the original books, but I was hooked after just watching one episode of season one. I was not really interested in this HBO new series when I saw the advertisements or editorial reviews on media. However, several of my friends highly recommended me this series, and they talked about the characters and plot all the time. So I had to borrow the season one DVDs from my friend and saw how good it was after watching it myself. And it was an unexpectedly great show! As soon as I finished season one, I pre-ordered True Blood season 2 DVD immediately since I don't have HBO at home. I didn't want to wait for one week to know the latest development in the show.

Some people might think season one has too many erotic scenes and colorful language, but season two has switched the emphasis on to more different story lines that each develops deeper and broader. Some characters started to have more descriptions, such as Eric, Tara, and Lafayette. A new character, MaryAnn emerged and almost became the center of the plot. But you don't have to worry that Sookie and Bill will lose our attention. Jessica, who was forced to made into a vampire by Bill, would become a new protagonist of Bill and Sookie. And more and more vampire characters would show up, like Lorena and Godric. More and more secrets from the past of Bill and Eric will also be revealed in season 2.

To sum up, this is a great series which you don't want to miss, especially if you have watched season one. Now I can't wait for the release of season three DVDs!