About True Blood and its Memorabilia

What is True Blood and Tru Blood?

      True Blood is a series focusing on Sookie Stackhouse and vampires. Tru Blood is a synthetic blood which is a large part of the series. The True Blood series started as a compilation of eight novels, originally titled The Southern Vampire Mysteries, but later became better known as the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. Sookie Stackhouse is a main character in the television series and has a unique ability. The True Blood series that ran on HBO for five Seasons may have been based on the books, but The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series have quite a bit more going on in them than can be said of the series.

   Then again, what series is exactly the same as the books upon which the television series was based? Even some of the characters that were in the Sookie Stackhouse Novels as the novels later came to be more widely known had smaller parts to play. There is even debate that Tara was originally Caucasian rather than African-American in the novels. It's always ideal to read the books of the series or movie one is watching.

The True Blood Novels 

There are eight novels in the Sookie Stackhouse Novel set, but there are more than eight altogether

Before there was the television series, its the novels which one could enjoy reading by Charlene Harris.

Originally published first in 2001 with "Dead Until Dark".

The list is as follows and there are so far thirteen novels in all, not including the short stories and novellas. The thirteenth novel does not come out until 2013.

1. Dead Until Dark

2. Living Dead in Dallas

3. Club Dead

4. Dead to the World

5. Dead as a Doornail

6. Definitely Dead

7. All Together Dead

8. From Dead to Worse

9. Dead and Gone

10. Dead in the Family

11. Dead Reckoning

12. Deadlocked

13. Dead Ever After

A Bit about The Vampire Craze

 The vampire craze might well have started with Anita Blake's Interview with a Vampire, only to be further turned into a craze upon the publication of the Twilight Series. The Twilight Series became more mainstream once the four novels were turned into movies seen on the wide screen. At this point people, particularly tweens and those who were tweens when they first read the Twilight Saga were left screaming for more paranormal stories. Particularly paranormal stories that involved vampires and romance. Sometimes a door opens and eventually it will close as all good, or bad things must eventually come to an end.

      Vampires used to be the thing from which nightmares were made. Now they're what young girls fantasize about and perhaps not just young girls or girls at all. Who knows when the vampire craze will die down, maybe when the next big thing appears on screen? Some will never let the stories go, but unless one has read the origins of vampires and the oldest books written on them where they weren't so romanticized, they'll never realize what a true vampire is. A frightening creature that lives on the blood of mortals and that vampires other than the vampire bat are completely fictional and based on a mortal known as Vlad the Impaler. The True Blood series and the novels it was based on shows that not all vampires are so kind, nor vegan.

      Still, vampires and werewolves, witches and warlocks can be exciting and also have hearts, whether or not they're beating. A vampire after all was once mortal themselves, though with stories allowing vampires to have offspring that sort of puts that argument to a stand still.

     Let's face it, people like dangerous, tweens get a thrill out of it and so do others. Add in a dash of romance and a pinch of intrigue as long as its well written with a good plot, or maybe not, it stands a chance of finding its way onto the big screen. If not the big screen, like True Blood based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries it might wind up any number of seasons on the television set. That is if one is subscribed to the HBO channel or whichever channel it might be on.

     True Blood to some may be far more interesting than either the Vampire Diaries or the popular saga, Twilight maybe even more interesting than an older series titled, Forever Knight. Everyone has different tastes, even if they all say they like vampires. Vampires however come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.


Some True Blood Memorabilia

      There has been some memorabilia made for the True Blood series. There were first The Southern Vampire Mysteries aka The Sookie Stackhouse novel series that one should read whether they've already watched the True Blood series or just have an interest in the paranormal. The television series is rather mature and probably not a good choice for anyone under the age of seventeen, but the novel series doesn't have nearly as many scenes though it is still graphic with language and violence among other things.

     There was a soda made based on the synthetic blood Tru Blood which the vampires of the series drink instead of human blood. Tru Blood Oragne Carbonated Soda

This is the soda which was made, Tru Blood.

    With Tru Blood the vampires were able to 'come out of the coffin' and try to get civil rights just like any other human being has. The Tru Blood Orange Carbonated Soda Drink comes in a four pack of 14 oz. Bottles. It is not recommended to drink, but it makes a really nice display if one is into collecting glass bottles or cans for their appearance, or just to have something from the True Blood series to show off to friends. It also makes a great birthday gift for other True Blood fans. It might be wise to warn them that the soda is far too sweet and that if they're diabetic it would be a bad idea to drink it at all. However using one half of the bottle and then mixing in that same amount of sprite or club soda might be a better idea than drinking it straight. The second ingredient in the Tru Blood Orange Carbonated Soda is cane sugar.

      The soda isn't the only memorabilia from the series, one can also found the Merlotte's waitresses t-shirt, calendars and even some character specific items. Like a bust of the characters Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman or Bill Compton. There's even mouse pads of the aforementioned characters. These may or may not be collectors items, but for vampire fans it may just be something to hold onto. Often the most unlikely thing, years down the road becomes invaluable. One would be quite surprised about the things people throw out actually being worth thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line like some children's toys of the eighties. As long as there is a market for it and collectors one person's trash is another person's treasure as the saying goes.