Fangtasia hoppingCredit: @flickr/BogoGames

The television show True Blood has mainstreamed the Gothic culture yet again. Many of my "normal" friends loved the scenes in Fangtasia and asked if Gothic clubs are really like that.

To which I say yes...minus the bloodsuckers. Have you every wanted to visit a club and have a spooky night out? Here are some tips if you want to blend in and not be shunned by the regulars.

What to Wear

Basic black is always a good choice if you are looking to blend into the crowd at a Gothic club. Yes, a good portion of the Gothic population at a club leans towards opulence but not everyone can afford corsets and fancy petticoats. A pair of black jeans, boots and a dark t-shirt or blouse will get you in the door and save you from odd looks.

You can also wear a nice long sleeve white shirt paired with trousers and a dark coat which is unisex. Avoid tennis shoes, blue jeans, and anything with a sports team logo as you very well could be denied entry to the club. If you have an eyecatching piece of jewerly that is or looks old I would recommend wearing it as a conversation starter. I have a Mexican silver choker with amethyst which never fails to receive compliments and break the ice.

Drinking at a Gothic Club

If you tend to visit a regular bar or club and drink to excess I would recommend sticking with soda or virgin drinks. You can also limit yourself to one or two drinks then switch to water if you have the willpower. Many regular patrons don't go there to drink much anyway, they go there to dance and visit with friends.

I have seen on occasion new people drink too much, get clumsy and spill their drink on a very expensive outfit that another patron is wearing. Don't be that guy or girl!

Be Open Minded

Try to remember that you are the outsider here even if its an open to the general public! Gothic people are often flamboyant in the way they dress, act and speak which has most likely gotten them shunned throughout school and other parts of their lives. A Gothic club is a safe place for them to be themselves so try and respect that. Mocking someone for speaking morbidly is very likely to lose whatever points you made by discussing the latest episode of True Blood.


The music at a Gothic club tends to be a a lot darker and the dancing tends to follow. Depending on the music playing the dancing looks either agressive, ethereal or both. If you watch for a few minutes you will notice there isn't any groping or grinding going on. Many Gothic people prefer to dance alone or in small groups.

If you choose to go out on the dance floor try to be respectful of the other dancers. Pay attention to the long skirts that may be ballroom dancing around you to avoid stepping on them. Bringing a drink or cigarette onto the dance floor is just a recipe for disaster and is likely to get you shunned by other patrons quickly.

What a Nice Cloak!

You might feel intrigued by a fabic or design a spooky someone is wearing. Always ask for permission before touching clothing and be respectful if you are denied the carressing pleasure you crave. The outfit may be easy to damage or stain and the person is just trying to be careful to preserve their clothing. You will also gain more respect by not picking up that cute Lolita girl and swinging her around just because she resembles a doll.

The dark ambiance of a Gothic club will make you feel like you are on the set of Fangtasia in True Blood. You might even make some new spooky friends that love to watch the Sookie/Eric/Bill love triangle as much as you do!