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In any conversation about adult films, pop culture, or weird celebrities Ron Jeremy's name will eventually come up. Dubbed "The Hardest (Working) Man in Show Biz" along with other more-colorful names, Ron Jeremy is perhaps the most easily recognized face of the XXX film industry. Despite his image and reputation though there are a lot of things about "The Hedgehog" that people just don't know. In fact, let's start with that one...

Why is Ron's Nickname "The Hedgehog"?

"The Hedgehog" might be the most common moniker the star is known by, and its origin might seem self-explanatory at first glance. Not to mince words, but Ron is a rather beefy guy with a manly amount of hair.

The real story of how he picked up the handle is actually a little more complicated than that.

The story begins with Bill Margold in the year 1979. Ron was flying in to a shoot expecting warm weather, and had dressed accordingly. Unfortunately for him the nice day turned into blizzard conditions, and he was frozen through by the time the motorcycle ride to the set ended. Ron got warmed up and took a hot shower, which resulted in his skin turning a hilarious shade of pink, and his hair standing up at all angles. He was described as a "walking, talking hedgehog," and the name stuck for over thirty years.

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No Relation

How Many Films Has Ron Jeremy Appeared In?

The answer to this question is a record number. Though different sources list different numbers depending on how recent the data is Mr. Jeremy holds the world record for most appearances in adult films with over 1,900 movies. Keep in mind though that was just in front of the camera! Ron has also been a very hands-on director (no pun intended) with more than 200 movies to his credit from behind the action. These are, of course, just Ron's adult films. He's also appeared in a number of mainstream films, though usually in bit parts. Films like Boondock SaintsReindeer Games, and Orgazmo among others are also on his film list.

How Did He Get Into The Industry?

Like many celebrity origins the Ron Jeremy story is a combination of blind luck, good genetics, and a lot of hard work (that pun was intended). Back when Ron was still going by his birth name of Ron Jeremy Hyatt, and was just the scion of a middle class family Playgirl Magazine ran a competition looking for new talent to put in front of their cameras. Ron's significant other at the time took some pictures of a younger, svelter Ron, and he was asked to pose as a centerfold. Ron accepted the offer, and with his natural endowments he was off and running in the adult industry. Even an expanding waistline and an occasionally receding hairline couldn't stop the Hedgehog once he'd built up some serious momentum.

What Other Talents Does Ron Have?

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Oh yeah he can totally bend down enough to... oh, you mean other than that. Well, Ron was educated in New York at Queens College where he earned a Master's Degree in Special Education. Before he got involved in the adult industry Ron performed in off-Broadway productions, and even did stand up comedy while waiting for his big break into the entertainment world. He can play the piano pretty well too, but that doesn't typically make its way into most of his performances.

... Also, He's In A Fraternity

Ron Jeremy is a standing member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. In the year 2006 Ron used his standing as a fraternity member to open debate across both the U.S. and Canada on college campuses on the place in society pornography should hold. These debates were in a direct opposition to Pastor Craig Gross, who through his website and other areas had spoken out against the adult industry and made a number of claims that led to Jeremy taking action and bringing his message to a younger generation.

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