True leadership is about transferring power.  True leaders do not clone other people in their image.  A true leader desires to help other people discover themselves, and then the
leader releases those they have trained to deploy their ability and skill in
their own generation. Everyone is going to grow old, but leaders grow old with
a smile as they watch their progenitors succeed them with greatness.

Great leaders do not want to stay in their positions. They want to quickly train
their successors because leaders have greater things to do. Mentoring and
succession are about freedom. True leaders understand that training their
replacement grants them the freedom to develop and realize other parts of their
vision plan. Only leaders without a dream or vision want to remain in their
positions; but every position is a trap. Vision gives us the momentum to do
more because it helps us see that where we are is not what we have envisioned
for our lives.

Leadership is about living beyond YOU. Succession is about life after YOU. True leadership
is never given to one generation. Therefore, one always has to think about
preparing the next generation. 

Leadership that serves only its generation is destined for failure. If
what you are doing is only for your generation, then you are a failure already
because it will die with you. To make sure that your memory lives forever,
invest in people not projects. My dream is to see Third World leadership grow
and advance throughout the world because we keep killing our future leaders by

Products of oppression will always defend their turf because they
are insecure. When you are a former slave, you are afraid to lose the little
that you have gained because you never had anything. Therefore, you would even
kill your own brothers to protect it. This thought pattern is the philosophy of
the poor.

However, our Creator does not think or operate this way. He is a generational creator.
Through study, I realized that when God spoke, He did not just address a person
but the generations that would succeed them. For example, He would say that
through them the nations would be blessed (Gen 26:4). Your existence is not
only about you. It is about the generations that you are carrying in you.

Do you know what our problem is? We think that we were born to finish what we
started. Mentoring and succession are the acceptance of the reality that you
may not finish what you started. When you are a leader, you must always think
in generations and prepare those who will take your place to competently
execute the vision. This mentoring process is a way to ensure that the vision
does not die with you.