You can use this mouse on any computers that you may have. As there is no software to install it is totally portable.

The shape of the mouse, plus the softer material at the sides, are very user friendly. I imagine that this mouse will be good for those with mobility issues which affect their hands.

The rubberised parts are very tough and durable.


I find that I do have to be careful that the small USB does not get snapped off, when I use this mouse with my laptop. Perhaps it is tougher than I imagine, though.

The metal looking top will not be tough, if dropped for example.

The mouse is a little heavy.

If you like to clean your mouse with disinfectant wipes, this will not work well on the rubberised sides. I clean my mouse at work like this, as working on a hospital ward you realise just how many germs are often on keyboards and a computer mouse.

Full Review

With the purchase of myLaptop late last year I found that I had one small gripe. Being used to using a computer mouse I found that the touchpad control was a little hard to get used to. I would inadvertently press on the pad, without realising that I had done so. In the blink of an eye, the screen would change and I would lose all the information that I had been typing. This and other issues regarding the lack of mouse was frustrating to saythe least.

I was rather glad then, when Hubby brought me in a little treat, which was a wireless mouse and up to now the results have been excellent.

Trust make a fair amount and range of computer accessories, all at affordable prices. The wireless mouse came packed in a huge box. Well not huge but you know what I mean. There was far too much packaging, which in these eco friendly days is unnecessary waste.

When you open the packaging you will see that there is:-

The mouse.

A pack of two double A batteries.

A small USB connector.

A small amount of paperwork with instructions.

There was also a small credit card sized registration card, so that you can register your product on-line, also.

The mouse is a little heavier, than a conventional mouse, but ergonomically designed. It has a curved shape to its sides in a rubbery material, which make for ease of use. I find that these curves make the mouse comfortable to hold.

At the left hand side there are two buttons, for moving backwards or forwards, through your work. The top has a silver looking plastic layer which you press to work your mouse in the conventional way. That is you can click the right or the left half to operate the mouse. In the middle of the top there is a small rubberised, section with a scroll wheel.

The mouse is very easy to get up and running.

You simply insert the small USB to your computer. That is all there is too it. No software is needed at all to complete the set up.

In Closing


This Trust wireless mouse was £6.49 from our local Asda and so represents great value. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and it has proved to be really useful. If you are thinking of buying this mouse please bear in mind my comments regarding durability, though.

On the whole, however, this wireless mouse is a product which lives up to its claims and will not cost a fortune to purchase.