Many pool owners rely on their local pool service company to clean or replace items on a regular basis. A lot of them don't realize they're being taken advantage of because they don't pay attention to the details. Here is some terminology that will help you understand exactly what your pool service company is doing to your swimming pool.

Diverter Valve: This is a valve used in a twin port skimmer. It allows you to increase or decrease the amount of flow from the drain and skimmer to the pump.

Filter: The filter is a porous material that water passes through, leaving small particles behind. Most things which are caught by the filter include small leaves, dirt, and algae.

Filter Pump: The filter pump pulls water from the pool and pushes it through the filter, returning clean water back to the pool.

Filtration Rate: The rate at which water is filtered and returned to the pool. This is measured in gallons per minute, or GPM. Ask your pool service what's appropriate for your pool.

Heater: The device used to warm the water. Several varieties are available including solar, electric, or fuel operated. Ask a professional which type best fits your needs.

Pressure Gauge: The device which indicates the pressure in the filter system. More sophisticated models display how well the system is operating as well as when service is required.

Pump: The pump is responsible for circulating the water in the pool.

Rate of Flow: Also measured as GPM. The rate of flow is important for every pool owner to know so they can keep their pool operating properly.

Re-bar: Re-bar, or reinforcement bar, is used to strengthen concrete walls such as those in a swimming pool.

Turnover: The turnover-time for your pool is the amount of time it takes for the pump to move all of the water through the filter. The most effective turnover is 8 hours.

Vacuum: This refers to two possible things regarding pool care: the cleaning of debris from the floor, or the low pressure condition created in the suction line.

Strainer Basket: A basket that helps protect the pump from becoming clogged with dirt or debris. The skimmer basket collects larger materials while the strainer basket collects small pieces.

Reliability and Trust

Unfortunately not all businesses are run honestly. Some companies create issues and misinform pool owners about what could be wrong and how to fix it. This creates repeat business for them, but turns the swimming pool into a money trap for the owner.

Look around your local area for a reliable and trust worthy pool service with which to do business. Ask your neighbors for recommendations and thoroughly discuss their reasons for choosing a specific service. Don't leave your swimming pool, or your wallet, at the mercy of an unscrupulous pool service.