Truth is not relative. Despite what you may have heard or been taught, truth is not relative. It never has been.

Some people - especially young college students - believe that truth is relative. Granted, some "truths" are indeed relative in nature. Personal preferences may be a good example of this.

However, we can not claim that truth is relative. It is, in fact, absolute. How can I say that? Well, let's try something.

"Truth is relative."

Wait. Isn't that an absolute statement?

"Well, then there's only one absolute truth - and that is that truth is relative."

There's another absolute! So far, you have given me two absolute statements: "Truth is relative" and "There is only one absolute truth."

"Then there are only TWO absolutes! Ha! I got you now!"

Um, actually no. You have just given me yet another absolute statement!


Perhaps this isn't the best example, but I hope you can see that claiming relative truth is silly.

One area in which people try to claim relative truth is in the area of religion.

I'm not shy about the fact that I'm a Christian. For many reasons, I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus Christ is Lord. I believe in a literal Heaven and a literal Hell. (If you want to talk, you know how to find me.)

If someone is asked "Do you think you'll go to Heaven or to Hell" it's not surprising to hear the answer "Oh, I don't believe in any of that stuff." Ok. And?

If I were say I don't believe Mexico exists, you would look at me like a crazy man and probably walk away slowly. Why? Because you know that Mexico is, in fact, real. Does the fact that I don't believe Mexico exists have any impact whatsoever on the existence of Mexico? No.

Sadly, many people around the world have chosen not to believe in God. Realistically, however, does their belief change reality? Nope. Does God cease to exist if I stop believing? No. Does God start to exist if I start believing? No. Reality is completely independent of my perception.

Here's another common objection: "It may be true for you but not for me."

How logical is this statement? Not at all. It may be true for you that the earth is round but not for me. Huh? That wouldn't make any sense. Does the planet change its shape based on our perception? (If you think it does, you may need to seek help.)

I hope you will agree that one of the following is true:
a) The earth is a globe.
b) The earth is flat.
c) The earth is neither.

Both "a" and "b" cannot be true. Either the earth is a globe, is flat, or is neither. It cannot be both a globe *and* flat.

I hope by now you can see that denying absolute truth is illogical.

I do realize that many (perhaps most) of you think I'm some kind of religious nut. You're certainly free to think so.

But, in a real-world sense, let's consider something for a moment:

Either God is real or He isn't.
Either Heaven and Hell are real or they aren't.
Either Jesus is the only Way, or He isn't.

This time, you can't afford to be wrong.