As children almost all of us were told telling lies is wrong. Good qualities like honesty, integrity etc tag along with truthfulness, implying that truth equals good and lie equals bad. Even though our own life is hardly so black and white, for many this is like a scale with truth on one extreme and lie on another with ourselves somewhere in between and the closer to the truth a person is the better. The philosophical training we get while growing up has convinced a major chunk of the society that the eternal struggle of good and bad of truth and lie is the fundamental of our existence. Books, religion, movies, comics, it may be god against the devil or the superhero against the villain everywhere we find this war. Is this view of the world correct? If not then why do so many people believe it?

 Telling a convincing lie is difficult and seeing through one even more so, the reason why lies are detested so much is because they twist our perception of the world as another person wants it. It is the feeling of being manipulated that is so repulsive hence whatever the intent of the liar maybe a lie is bad. On the other hand the truth is an unchangeable fact, it may be cruel hurtful but nothing can alter it.

 “A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.”

                                                               -William Blake,Auguries of Innoncence

 Good and bad is a relative term, what may be good for one maybe bad for another. It is the intent that matters, if a person lies with a beneficial intent then there is logically nothing wrong about it. How many lies we utter in our lives, to avoid situations we don’t want, comforting lies to our loved ones, lies to protect our secrets, all the great leaders and visionaries have made claims that they could not have known they could accomplish. The truth is lies are as important as the truth, if we have the right to share information we also have the right not to share information. Our so called principles are insignificant when comes to people’s lives. 

If there were no lies then there is no hope since all statements of hope are claims of knowing the future.  Without lies there is no search for the truth. . Without lies there is no encouragment, no desire to progress. Without lies we will have cold complacent lives, we will know every brutal truth as it is even if we dont want to. Sometimes ignorance is bliss but without lies there is no ignorance as well. Truth and lie are the two faces of a coin. Both are merely tools available to us to progress, whether we do so at other peoples expense should make us right or wrong in other people’s eyes. Even though the risk in telling a lie is great and the fallout immense what will you do when the lie protects and the truth destroys the most important thing in your life.