The Raw Food Diet Weight Loss program  is surely an "Advanced" way to go. The Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss is definitely an "Advanced" way to lose weight and become more fit. The current industry tends to cater more towards "Quick Fix" solutions, such as the plethora of "Fitness" products that promise to get Ripped and Lose Weight.

I am not here to insult any particular company or philosophy - this type of Thinking and Marketing tends to show up everywhere. It is not limited to any industry, but does show up more in some than others.

The Raw Food Diet is skewed toward the other end of the spectrum - as a real, pure solution to health problems and Weight Loss. This is certainly up for debate, as is all meaningful change, so I will not bore you with anymore abstract ideas here.

Let's turn instead to an example - Person X (who is personally known by myself, but cannot be named for privacy reasons). Person X subscribed to a more traditional path for many years, always completing his exercise and subscribing to a more traditional "fitness" plan. For Person X, this included many more Acidic and Cooked Foods than he now eats (if you are not sure what "Raw" and "Acidic" means - Search for these Terms in the EZINE articles database).

He was in fairly good shape, as are many individuals out there today, who "stay in shape." They are to be applauded for staying a step ahead of the curve, most of us know that "average health" is not the place to be today.

But, while you can burn off Garbage Food in the Short Term with exercise, you cannot sustain that model of "Fitness" indefinitely.

Again, I do not want to speculate here, I will again use Person X as an example. Up until the Age of 70-71, Person X was still subscribing to a "Fitness" plan. He was in incredible shape, but was starting to show signs of age - he was losing his muscle mass and gaining body fat like most individuals in their 60's and 70's.

His accomplishments in the "health" arena were incredible at this point, even with the "Fitness" philosophy. But, Person X wanted to move to the next level.

Enter "Raw Food Weight Loss," an Advanced Weight Loss Strategy that Person X follows to this day. Not only has it allowed him to gain Muscle and Lose Weight, which we all want, but it has had impressive "Anti-Aging" benefits as well. Person X's skin, hair, emotions, and energy have improved as well. Compared to a typical Man or Woman in their early 70's, Person X looks radically different - at least 20 years younger (and in top percentiles of health among those at that younger rangel).

For those looking to move to the "Advanced" level of Weight Loss and Health, Raw Food Weight Loss is the way to go.

However, beware the challenges of this path - you will have to discard many deeply ingrained habits, you will have a tougher time finding and buying the food, and your new habits will be attacked by those around you.

In conclusion, if you want to be ahead of the curve, "Raw Food Diet Weight Loss" is the way to go. But, you also have to be willing to accept the deeper consequences and complex changes of making that decision.

The example of Person X should alert you to possibilities, but ultimately the Weight Loss results are up to YOU.