The gift of learning music is attractive in many ways. Once you are focused in determined to learn how to master the instrument, everything else in your life comes together all around you. When you dwell less on the matters around you, you care less and focus less on your thoughts. Your thoughts betray you as you listen to the critic that torments you and tells you, you won't become anything and pits you into a cycle of self doubt.

You can't imagine your life without boundaries or excuses when you pick up that guitar or play the piano. It's not easy learning a musical instrument; imagine what you can accomplish after you learn to play! Doubt is detrimental to your future, but once you decide to try something new and practicing until you are good, your thoughts will dissipate and the natural flow of your life will automatically come together without your interference.

Music is universal and can affect people, the ability to make that music is empowering and enchanting, easily entertaining to any number of people and even to the person playing it. Feel that magical power and take it towards the other parts of your life and find warmth, love, and the absolute feeling of being whole

Practicing music takes a drive and a passion and that's what others look for in a mate, making music and making love is a great combination. Learning something new and committing to it shows through. Guys think about that, find music that can speak to anyone out there and maybe it will call towards your true partner or just keep your mind open and your heart whole.