100 calorie challenge

Are you down to those last ten pounds? Or are you just starting your journey to weight loss? Then how about a challenge. The 100 Calorie Challenge!

Did you know that if you could cut out 100 calories from your day, that you will lose 10 pounds in a year. Now this may not seem like much, but this is you doing just the slightest change to your daily regime and you won't even feel this, and you will drop ten pounds at the end of a year.

If you have been meaning to lose weight, or just never get around to it, or just don't know where to start, and hate changing your diet, then this is somewhere to start, the 100 calorie challenge. There is no fussing, no measuring, no figuring, just find 100 calories in your day and get rid of it.

If you get this down pat, then you may be happy there or you maybe could raise this a bit for another challenge, but to begin with here are some brilliant ideas to lose that 100 calories per day, and get your challenge underway. Simple ideas, that don't need you to be writing things down or studying diets and diet books. There is no sweaty exercise involved (although you may want to add some later to get things moving faster), this is simply step one of your weight loss journey!

How to cut 100 calories from your day

1. When cooking onions, meat, or vegetables in a pot where you would normally pour oil, change this to broth. All you need is to stop the food from sticking. Oil has 120 calories per tablespoon, and I bet you probably use more than a tablespoon. So this could actually save you slightly more than 100 calories! You can get good chicken broth, with low sodium in ready to go cartons, so there is no mixing, just keep a carton in your cabinets or fridge, and then you are ready for your stir fries or whatever it is you are cooking!

2. If you use those little sugar packs in your coffee and use three each time, that is 33 calories and over three coffees that is almost 100 calories, and if you drink more than that, then you could save more. So cut back on the sugar for your 100 calorie challenge.

3. Watch the condiments! That little packet of mayo can contain 100 calories, so skip the mayo and change to mustard, then you will have completed your 100 calorie challenge and that was just one change! Find something to replace the mayo, so you are not missing it, but change the flavor a bit, such as a hot mustard, or pickle or regular mustard just something different.

4. Switch to low fat cream cheese on your bagel, that will save you 100 calories maybe more. .

5. Go for a smaller bagel. They are getting bigger and bigger, some are considered the same as 5 slices of bread! So, try and get a smaller bagel.

6. Switch to skim milk in your tea or coffee instead of 2% Depending on how much you consume this can be a great saving in your 100 calorie challenge. Or make the leap from cream to skim in your coffee or tea and you may just start losing weight right away, if you drink a lot of coffee!

7. Make a few substitutes such as cereal instead of a donut

8. Get rid of one beer and there is 150 calories! (This may not be the first idea on your 100 calorie challenge list, you may prefer to get rid of mayo!)

9. Switch some heavier snacks for chunky pureed soups, they will fill you up with very few calories, and you can get low sodium which would be even better.

10. If you come face to face with that nasty vending machine and you just don't know what to get, then keep your eyes off the chips and chocolate bars, and go for the pretzels, or cheese, or peanut butter and crackers. These are not usually big portions for the cost! But are great for your 100 calorie challenge.

If you have a pretty routine day, especially during the week, then the above are great ways to try your 100 calorie challenge, this may just inspire you to reach a bit further. If you just can't see changing your diet, then maybe add a few walks in here and there, and take the stairs more often. This may just boost your 100 calorie reduction, and you may see that scale moving quicker.

The more gradual you make these changes the better, it may take a bit longer to see the weight loss, but you are more likely to keep it off, as you get used to new habits. So, by starting with the 100 calorie challenge today, you can get used to a few easy changes, that are not putting pressure on you to get weight off. The above are just simple non threatening changes!

Try adding another one in a couple of weeks, and slowly but surely you will change your ways, and your clothes will slowly start to fit better, and you will feel great and not deprived, which is the main problem with most diets. We are creatures of habit, and we need to slowly form new habits for them to stick. We need some results to stick with it, but by just changing out 100 calories a day, you are not turning your food upside down and messing with your comfort zone. You can still eat your desserts and other goodies, as long as you find that 100 calories.

We all have to start some where when it comes to losing weight or improving our health.

So, why not start tomorrow, with your 100 calorie challenge, become a little bit more aware of the extras you are adding into your day. Finding a 100 calories is not hard, you can do it. Start slow, and you will win the battle.