Solar energy is a great opportunity to watch your electric meter tick backwards on a clear afternoon. Everyone know that solar energy can cut down on electrical costs. Get creative, and your electric bill is just the beginning. Take a look at these 5 unique ways to use solar energy in your home.

  1. Pool and Hot Tub
    Many pools and hot tubs on the market these days use solar energy to heat the water. Even if you own an older pool or hot tub, you can install a solar powered kit to heat with the sun. Solar powered devices can be used in conjunction with electric or gas units, or they can heat the entire pool on their own. Why pay for energy when sunshine is free?

  2. Outdoor Lighting
    Solar energy can light the garden, walkway and other outdoor areas pretty inexpensively these days. Solar powered lights are affordable. While just a few years ago they were pretty limited in wattage, today you can get flood lights that are solar powered. The batteries have a much better wattage capability, so you can use them to light large areas like a yard or garden. Consult your local San Diego solar installers for more ideas on how you can provide outdoor lighting to large areas of your home.

  3. Use Solar Heated "Passive Heat" Storage Tubes to Increase Heat
    You can use innovative greenhouse fiberglass tubes that are solar heated to cut down on electrical costs in the winter time. The tubes are hollow pillars that you fill with water that is heated by solar energy. Keep them brightly exposed to sunlight, and you'll really slash your heating bill.

  4. Heat Water with Solar Power
    You can install solar water heaters for the fraction of the price of a full solar powered system. It's a great way to cut down on your energy bill when your water is completely heated by the sun. It's an affordable investment that's a great way to try the benefits of solar energy.

  5. Use Solar Powered Electronics
    You can get solar powered electronics for just about anything. This includes Bluetooth headsets, cell phones, MP3 players and other electronics. You can also get solar powered batteries for your electronics. A great asset in any emergency is a solar powered radio.