Decorating a child's bedroom means putting together more than a room. It's building the key setting of your child's childhood. A kid's bedroom makes great childhood memories. It's also where they'll get their first lessons in organization. Kids bedrooms should be nurturing as well as playful, organized and convenient. Here are some helpful tips for putting together a child's bedroom.

Purchase Clear Bins
Bins are great for organizing toys, clothes and games. If your child can't see what's inside them, however, the bins might as well be their own time capsule. Consider getting clear storage bins so your kid knows what's stored inside. If it's out of sight, it's out of mind. Hide everything in a dark bin, and it's practically in a vault. Your kid won't find it again until it's time to pack for college.

Be Flexible With Shelving
Install shelving that has room to grow. Shelving works best if it's easily moved up and down to accommodate new toys and changing interests. Adjustable shelving can be altered as your child grows up. A child's live has many stages, so get shelving that adjusts to the times.

Plan Ahead
Kids grow fast, so plan ahead when you decorate. You don't want to have to redo the room every couple of years. Design the room to grow with the child. Avoid permanent paint that your child will just hate in a couple of years. Don't think toddler when you know they'll soon outgrow it. Only use little kid themes on furnishings that are easy to change. Instead of a bedroom mural of fuzzy animals and rainbows, consider sticking to posters that can be easily changed when your child gets older.

Put the Kids in Charge
You might want to wait until they're a little older, but they can help design their own room. You're the adult, so you can keep it to reason, but let them use their imagination. Let them make a castle or a fort out of their bed and other Del Mar furniture they can fantasize about. If your child wants to be a princess, use that as the theme. Kids are only kids once, so let them live like it. They won't get an opportunity like this again until they move into their college dorm.