Research shows that people are more likely to respond to mass emails than any other form of communication, and that’s hardly a surprise! Given that people are absolutely glued to their smartphones and tablets, their email inboxes are never more than a click away. People are more likely to respond to mass emails that are direct, specific, and that offer them some kind of validation. You can absolutely reap the benefits of mass emailing if you do it the right way. 

The most useful part of mass emailing is the direct contact with customers. This is your chance to send a message directly to the person who can increase your revenue. A lot of people sending out mass emails get a little bit messy, here, because they make the mistake of sending out one generic email to everyone on their recipient list. Or worse, they go overboard and end up sending emails to a ton of random addresses that belong to people who would never have any interest in their company! Mass emailing is different from SPAMming in that the messages are not sent out to random people. To mass email, you need to cultivate a very specific and thought-through list of people to whom you want to communicate.

The key to successful mass emailing is to make sure that you are not, in fact, sending out emails all over the place that come off as SPAM. The more personal you can make your emails, the more they can do for you. The best tip to increase your email marketing technique is personalization. Try these tricks to get much more personal mass emails!

1. The first step to sending personal emails is to make sure that you’re only sending messages to people who have expressed an interest in hearing from you. A good way to make sure this is happening is to send mass emails to people who have signed up with you at an event or through making a purchase. If a customer has purchased something from you before, you can try recommending new items and services.

2. The simple step of including someone’s first name in your mass emails can have a huge effect on how well they are received. A programmer can make this happen very easily, and it can make such a big difference in how well your emails are liked by your recipients. It’s very important to stay in the good favor of those you are sending emails to, and this will help! 

Personalization is the best thing to concentrate on while mass emailing. People will appreciate being spoken to directly through their favorite retailers and will be more likely to visit a third party site or make a purchase from you. The whole point of mass emailing is to get more page views and revenue, but another important function is to strike up personal connections with your customers.