Using night sweats nightgowns is just one way to get a good nights sleep while dealing with menopause or any other issue that has you dealing with nighttime sweats.

The fabrics that are used to create these nightgowns and night shirts have a "wicking" ability that draws the moisture away from your skin quickly.  They actually work quite well!

If you have been waking up with your nightgown stuck to you from sweating, then you know just how frustrating this can be, and if you sleep with a partner in the same bed, then they wake up too!

You end up having to not only change yourself but the bed too Night Sweats NightgownsCredit: Amazon

But there are lots of new products on the market now to help with night sweats whether from menopause or other health issues, or maybe you just sleep very hot (some people do!).  These fabrics are not much more in cost than regular cottons, and they just have that ability to draw the moisture away from you at night.

They still feel soft to wear, and are great for travelling and the wicking ability never washes out of the nightgown or night shirt.  This nightwear is specifically designed for the "hot sleeper"

Night Sweats Nightgowns

If you like the idea of these nightgowns or night shirts, make sure and order one that is not too tight.  It is best if there is a bit of room in them. 

They are nice looking and no one would ever know the next day when you got up that you had been sweating all night!  This is a super quick drying fabric, and yet feels just like cotton. 

You can get this special fabric is sheets for the bed and pillowcases as well.  It all depends on how difficult your hot flashes are to manage.  You may find that just changing out your nylon nightie for one of these night sweat nightgowns will do the trick.  Or you may find that you sweat so badly that you need a combination of nightshirt, sheets and a bed fan!

At the end of the day, you need to do what it takes to get a decent nights sleep.  If you are constantly being awakened in the night soaked with sweat, then you are going to be very grumpy and irritated the next day and beyond.  You need to get sleep.

You can do some local research and find nightgowns specifically designed for heated sleep at some specialty women's stores or you can also do some research online and find them at sites such as Amazon that are affordable.

Sometimes shopping online will get you a greater variety to choose from.  Just make sure and take your measurements and get the right size. 

If you are suffering with night sweats, then don't let it rob you of sleep anymore, do some research and find products that will work for you.  You don't have to just put up with it!  Get yourself these nightgowns, some cooling sheets, and even that bed fan if you need it to stay cool and get a proper nights sleep and then you can face the day fully rested.

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