What a wonderful way to explore and role play for both children and adults!Disney costumes are both unique and recognizable. Since there are so many to choose from, there is always a character costume for any personality. Since these Disney costumes can often be expensive, unless they are home made, there are some cheaper options. Amazon and ebay are two great websites to find exactly what you are looking for. If the costume you find is used, you may have to mend some tears in the fabric, but that sure beats paying for an expensive princess dress or Pooh Bear costume brand new.

Matching Disney costumes can be used as fun Halloween outfits. Often, Princess come in women's and girl's sizes. Other popular costume choices are Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Pooh characters, and The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Once the holiday is over, the outfits can be used for other purposes. Here are some ideas:

Mickey Mouse DisneyOften, Disney costumes can be worn as fancy pajamas, especially for young children. As long as nothing is a choking hazard, these outfits can be a great incentive for bedtime for kids. The reward for getting ready for bed is the opportunity to wear a sparkly gown, adventures prince outfit, or cuddly animal costume!

Since most Disney costumes are wearer friendly, they are easy to wash and care for. Some of the seams on the top of the outfit may be itchy, so it is a good idea to wear a cotton, breathable t-shirt as an under layer.

While traveling, children in particular may feel uneasy in the new surroundings. Again, bring out the Disney costume as a comfortable and familiar outfit. Unless the get up has small parts or sharp accessories, they are a great way to travel with kids. Feeling special and comforted, it is amazing how well children will travel if they are allowed to wear their favorite Disney costume.

A women's Tinker Bell dress can be recycled as a tooth fairy outfit. Its fun to play the part! This costume usually comes with a wand. Simply attach a tooth made out of white construction paper to the top with tape, and the costume is transformed! Adding a different color sash or other details to the outfit can make it look less like Tinker Bell if that is desired.

Role playing is an important way for a child to learn about his or her world. If a child loves their Disney costume and wants to wear it every day, it is important to talk with them about the values behind their character. Ask them why they like the character they are emulating. Encourage them to be brave, creative, kind or friendly, which ever is the main trait their Disney character of choice displays. Often, the fictional men and women from the Disney films are rewarded for helping others or becoming better people. This is a wonderful and fun way to teach children the importance of character traits that help themselves and others around them.

Your imagination has no limits and neither do your creative possibilities with Disney costumes!