Washlets like the Toto one are something Americans may not necessarily be familiar with, though they're quite common in other countries. These accessories are simply hooked up to the toilet. From this position they use gently sprayed water as a cleansing mechanism for one's more sensitive body parts. The one by Toto in particular was designed with the intention of working with any normal design of toilet seat.

Most washlets from Toto can offer warmer or colder streams of water, depending on the preferences of the user. This lets you adjust things to best suit the current environment, as well as your personal preferences. The average amount of settings provided for this purpose is three, although some models may have fewer or more.

The washlet does more than just clean you, however. It also dries you off... in theory, at least. Some may find the air jets used insufficiently strong to meet their expectations. But it does do the job well enough to be worth the inclusion and helps justify the price, along with the other features.

Although there is generally a remote as a primary means of ordering your washlet what to do, its presence is mildly superfluous. Many customers claim that they have little need for it once they've used the washlet enough to know which settings they prefer. However, it does add significant convenience of use, in part due to the liquid crystal visual display.

One of the most common worries about bathrooms is their smell. This is something that a washlet from Toto is also able to deal with, however. Their unusually subtle fans do a better job than you'd think of getting rid of odors without adding harsh chemical scents. In most cases, they don't even have much of a noise while in operation.

While washlets aren't cordless, there are some strides being made in the ability to conceal the necessary cords in a subtle manner. More recent washlet products show less and less of the actual workings of the washlet, such as the those cords. This keeps visual intrusiveness very low. If you want a great-looking but fully-equipped bathroom, this feature could matter to you, and isn't an extra expense.

Even the basic plastic materials a Toto washlet toilet seat is made of are worth some consideration. The plastics selected actually have bacteria-hostile properties, making it as clean a surface as can be found in any bathroom. Naturally, this doesn't mean you can stop cleaning your bathroom, or yourself! But it does add another line of defense against germs without you having to do anything special for it. And, like many other features, it's a basic part of the products rather than an extra expense.

A good four hundred dollars will buy you a separate attachable washlet from Toto. This isn't a small amount of money, but between features and overall longevity, the product does a good job of justifying the expense. One way you can try reducing the cost is to buy your washlet along with other bathroom products, all from one retailer. Buying a washlet along with tub surrounds or similar products allows you to save by accessing higher-end discounts for large spenders.