No matter whether you have been smoking a half pack of cigarettes a day for five years, or have been a chain smoker for decades, quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to do. More companies every year are adding benefits to help their employees kick the habit, and if you don't, the price you pay for health insurance starts to skyrocket. Even the Federal government is starting to get tough on smoking. If you are wondering how much longer you can support your habit, maybe its time to consider quitting smoking.

Nicotine is more addictive than heroin and has a much higher death rate than cocaine, heroin, and alcohol combined by about one third. If you've ever tried to quit smoking cold turkey, you know how miserable the physical and psychological withdrawals can be. Even after you are months in the clear, that psychological dependence can sneak back up with you can convince you to have just one more cigarette. Most of the programs offered by your doctor are tailored to break just one part of the addiction chain - that of physical addiction. While the physical withdrawal won't kill you as would that from alcohol, cocaine, or heroin, it is miserable and one of the leading causes for failure to stop smoking early on.

When you are ready to quit smoking, hypnosis can help break the psychological dependence on cigarettes and nicotine. This is the second chain that keeps people locked into puff after puff, year after year. Without help breaking the psychological dependence on nicotine, any program only tailored to cope with just the physical dependence side of addiction is likely to fail. You can witness this phenomena by taking a poll of people you know who still smoke. How many times have each of them tried to stop smoking? Maybe they've tried the patch, wellbutrin or some other prescription medication, gum, etc. But what did they do for the psychological addiction? Probably not much except perhaps having a family member to talk to when they were experiencing cravings.

Hypnosis helps to quit smoking by changing the thought patterns that determine your behavior. Addiction is insidious and there are many unconscious thought processes that go into maintaining an active addiction. These patterns begin to emerge when you start convincing yourself that having just one puff won't hurt, or smoking just this once with your buddies on a smoke break won't ruin the months that you've put into quitting smoking. These little lies you tell yourself are the thought processes that quit smoking hypnosis will help to change and break for good.

Quit smoking hypnosis also helps break the cycle of addiction by helping to set up an aversion to cigarettes in your brain. For years you've been associating smoking with pleasure - such as rewarding yourself with a cigarette when you finish a project, a good meal, or even like in the movies - after sex! These behaviors set up smoking as a reward. In order to break the psychological dependence, it is important to retrain your brain to not associate smoking with pleasure. Otherwise, its easy to lie to yourself and answer that there is no harm in just having one more cigarette - after all, it is a reward, right?

If the time has finally come for you to quit smoking, hypnosis will help. If you choose a licensed therapist, quit smoking hypnosis may even be covered by your health plan. If nothing else, make sure your plan to quit smoking includes breaking BOTH of the chains of addiction. Without breaking the psychological addiction, you are liable to keep going back to the physical addiction.