When one thinks about food deals in Las Vegas his or her mind invariably conjures up the casino buffet which in turn raises the question, which is the best buffet in Las Vegas? Las Vegas restaurant coupons are everywhere and those for buffets are no exception.  Las Vegas restaurant deals can be found on the internet, in travel guides and all sorts of offers are simply waiting to be discovered.  Here are some of the top buffets and truly some of the best deals in Vegas:

Buffet Bellagio - Find the best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g45963-d422633-Reviews-The_Buffet_at_Bellagio_Las_Vegas-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html

1. Buffet Bellagio seems to be at the top of everyone’s list.  Most tourists and locals consider this, albeit more pricy than others, to be the best buffet in Las Vegas.  Offering Dim Sum, foie gras, wood fired pizza and more there is something for everyone at this classier buffet.

Spice Market Buffet - Find the best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://www.gusto.com/nevada/lasvegas/restaurants/spicemarketbuffet-R417737.html

2. Spice Market Buffet with its Middle Eastern flair is another favorite and is especially popular for lunch. There are often special deals available for this and other buffets on the internet, one should always check before eating in Vegas to see what deals are out there.

Studio B - The best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://www.homeawaysevenhills.com/localfoodfun.htm

3. Studio B serves up to 200 dishes a day.  It is famous for its decadent as well as eye-pleasing deserts.  Prices are a bit more modest as this buffet restaurant is not directly on the infamous Vegas Strip.

Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio - The best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://travelerhubs.hubpages.com/hub/Best-Buffets-in-Las-Vegas

4. Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio offers an amazing array of international dishes most centered on the restaurant’s seafood theme.  Many have chosen this as their all-time favorite and it makes most lists that feature the best buffet in Vegas.

The Wynn Buffet - The best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g45963-d598158-Reviews-Wynn_Buffet-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html

5. The Wynn Buffet offers 16 manned food stations, and includes a variety of world cuisines and a delicious seafood station.  Their gelato station is especially noted as are its wonderful deserts.

Le Village Buffet - The best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://www.igougo.com/journal-j33435-Las_Vegas-Doubling_Down_Dining_Down_in_Vegas.html

6. Le Village Buffet takes visitors to Paris for a moment. The five cook to order stations offering French cuisines from various regions are very popular.  There are waits, especially for the crepes at breakfast.

Garden Court Buffet - The best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://tastyislandhawaii.com/2008/06/12/a-week-in-vegas/

7. Garden Court Buffet is famous with the locals.  Nothing beats this restaurant for sheer value and often its lack of long lines.  Food is always fresh and tasty as well.

The Wicked Spoon - Best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://www.dottingthemap.com/2011/01/17/top-5-best-buffets-in-las-vegas/

8. The Wicked Spoon is noted for sheer variety and elegance in presentation that many of the other buffets lack. This pricier establishment is well worth a visit just for the deserts alone.

9. Carnival World Buffet offers some good fun foods.  Some of their offerings are a bit more kid friendly and there are offerings from cuisines all over the world.  Special attention has to be paid to the extensive desert section here.

Cravings - Best buffet in Las VegasCredit: http://www.bestofvegas.com/Restaurants/Cravings/

10. Cravings is a modern and sleekly designed space that offers thirteen different cooking stations and a wide variety of international cuisines to choose from.  Their Asian specialties tend to get especially high marks.

Buffets are simply everywhere in Vegas.  Every casino hotel seems to have one.  More often than not an individual’s taste will determine which buffet he or she wants to visit.  Coupons and internet deals can also be important in the decision as saving money for entertainment is top on the list when one travels to this premiere gaming destination.  The best buffet in Las Vegas can often be the one that has the freshest foods, the quickest lines, and offers the best discount or bargain.