Millions of women have had tubal ligation procedures done  as a permanent form of birth control. Many feel that their family is complete and do not want to have any more children. But did you know that a surgeon can perform tubal reversal surgery and restore a woman's fertility. Each women's circumstances are different at the time of their tubal ligation they might have been certain that they did not want any more kids, however over time things may happen and a woman may want to get it reversed.

Even if your fallopian tubes were cut or burned, these days a surgeon can perform a tubal reversal surgery. The Essure procedure can also be reversed. This surgery should be performed by a highly trained and skilled surgeon where the fallopian tubes are repaired.

The Essure procedure is a form of birth control where a doctor will insert coils into the fallopian tube thereby creating a barrier to the egg and preventing fertilization. Women world-wide believe that this method is not reversible, but actually it can and a woman can fall pregnant again. A trained surgeon will remove the coils that were initially inserted and a new opening is formed to attach the fallopian tubes. Once a female has recovered from this surgery she can then try to fall pregnant. Many couples have achieved a successful pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery. Ensure that you find a surgeon trained in tubal reversal and has some experience with this procedure, after all he or she will determine if you are able to conceive again.


Many couples are opting for this method to fulfill their dreams of having a child and the cost of this surgery is cheaper than in vitro fertilization(IVF). Also, many couples felt that the reversal was a far more natural way to conceive than IVF. Another plus is that tubal reversal surgery is performed as an outpatient surgery. This means that you will not have to spend your recovery time in the hospital. Your recovery time is quick and you should get plenty of rest at home.

Tubal reversal surgery has brought a great deal of success to many couples but what about all the emotions involved. The initial excitement of having another baby might be overwhelming  and make one feel giddy at the thought of having a new-born baby. However, when the surgery day begins to get closer, it is quite normal for the female to feel nervous. Most women get anxious and wonder about the length of time it will take to become pregnant again.

Once the surgery is performed every woman will heal at a different rate. It is essential to recover fully and begin your regular routine once your doctor has cleared you. It was found that some women did not take their time to recover and were sore for longer than expected. Tubal reversal centers across the US have reported that at least sixty percent of couples become pregnant after one year. Some couples have taken longer but gone on to have multiple children.

Lets face it the tubal reversal surgery is a difficult and emotional journey, however if baby is what you want it might just be worth all the heart ache.