If you're looking for a versatile home weight bench and lifting system that will help you to bulk up, add muscle and tone your existing muscle, consider a tuff stuff axt 5 home gym for sale. These comprehensive weight lifting machines cost around $4,000 or more depending on the actual make and model you order, but the full range of features, and the fact that they'll allow you to do exercises from the comfort of your basement that you used to need a gym membership for, can quickly make a tuff stuff home gym well worth your initial investment. 

Tuff Stuff Axt 5 Home Gym Sale

As you can see in the picture of the tuff stuff home gym system, you get everything from pull down bars to bench press arms and leg lifting stations. You can perform a full range of professional work-out exercises that will help you put on new muscle mass without having to make it to the gym. A new tuff stuff home gym for sale will include up to 200 lbs of black weight plates, all the soft upholstered weight press pads you need, and a full system of pulleys and industrial strength cording. 

Tuff Stuff Pro AXT 5 and Standard AXT 5 Gym Editions

There are two variations of the tuff stuff axt 5 home based weight lifting station:

Tuff Stuff AXT 25 Home Gym

The first version of the Tuff Stuff AXT model is the standard edition, which is slightly more affordable than the deluxe edition. The standard version costs $3999 to order through tuff stuff's company website, but both home based weight lifting stations will require assembly once you receive the parts before they can be used for lifting exercises. The Deluxe edition costs about $500 more than the standard edition of the Tuff Stuff AXT series. 

The major difference between the standard and deluxe editions is that the latter can accept a higher total weight stack, while the standard version is limited to one full 200 lb stack of plates. This won't be an issue if you don't generally bench or leg press more than 200lbs, but it can be a hassle for those home athletes serious about adding major strength gains because it will put a cap on how much you can advance. In terms of appearance and features, the two tuff stuff gyms are quite similar besides this point of difference. 

An Odyssey Tuff Stuff 5 Home Gym for Sale

Here's a shot of a tuff stuff 5 odyssey gym for sale on buysellclassifieds.com. You can find these home gyms popping up on craigslist as well. Although going through an individual who no longer has use for their home based weight bench is a great way to secure deep discounts on these otherwise expensive pieces of equipment, you'll have to contend with arranging freight with the seller. These home gyms themselves weight about 500lbs flat!

Although you can expect to drop several thousands of dollars on these specialized basement weight benches, you can look at it in terms of the money you'd save on a fancy gym membership, especially when you factor in the gas you'd have to spend to get to and from the gym each day. A decent gym can easily charge you $150-200 per month, meaning you'd only need to attend a local gym for 10 months in order to rack up the same price of home gym ownership! This is one of the most common reasons that athletes serious about bulking up at home search local classifieds for tuff stuff 5 axt gyms for sale.