tumblrCredit: newcurator.com

Tumblr.com is a new method of blogging similar to the likes of twitter, and WordPress. While similar to multiple blogging services, Tumblr has many differences that set it apart from the “social media crowd”. A tumblr blog, or “tumble log” uses short and minimalistic posts such as images or links to convey messages and thoughts in favor of the more conventional long winded editorial posts on other sites. Due to this approach, tumblr is widely known as a microblogger.

            Tumblr blogging grants users multiple features to set their content apart from other blogs across the web, making it more personalized in the process. Several types of posts are supported by tumblr.com, including the typical text format. Photos are also supported and are extremely popular. Quotes from different sources online, including other tumble logs may be used. Links and Chat logs while similar to the text format are supported and presented in a more authentic manner. Other popular blog post formats are audio and video. These serve to make the experience increasingly more personal and connect the tumble log owner to his followers in a way not thought possible in earlier years.

            Now with so many supported formats one would expect the ball to be dropped on at least a few of them. However, tumblr handles each in a very efficient and simple manner. A tumble log owner has the option of texting blog updates from any mobile phone as well as through email. Anything on the internet is up for grabs to post through the tumblr bookmarlet which allows the log owner to post anything they come across on the web. Instant messaging is another method to update a log by messaging Tumblrbot. One may even phone in to their Tumblr log and leave voice posts. In addition to these methods tumblr is connected through different social pathways and may be updated through things such as Facebook, Youtube, Digg, Twitter and apps.

            With the rise of Tumblr, many businesses have turned their sights to it as a way to promote their products and services. Tumblr provides businesses, large and small, a way to publish and engage their current audience. Through the nature of the microblogger it also creates a way to increase the amount of people they reach due to others sharing their posts on their own tumble logs. Tumblr allows for the tumble log to become an extension of the owners brand itself through its extensive customization processes. Brands are specifically using Tumblr to help their business through offering discounts and rewards. An example of brands using Tumblr to the fullest, being a certain online photography store discounting their cameras 10 cents for every time a reader shared a certain post. This simple post resulted in new exposure to thousands of new potential customers.

            Tumblr has made it clear to all that it is a social networking outlet that is to be taken seriously. Its ease of use and plethora of supported formats ensures this. While still being a fun website for the masses to use for their own enjoyment, it is still a useful tool and opportunity for small and large business owners for sharing and growing their company.