Many already know what tummy tuck means. The excess of fat in your belly gets removed through a surgical procedure.

But, what are tummy tuck jeans? No, they have nothing to do with a surgery, but they are equally extreme effective, despite of being not even half so intrusive.

Tummy Tuck jeans use criss-cross stitches to tighten the stomach and lift the butt. They also give your tights are slimmer appearance. Its denim is very elastic and only puts a slight amount of pressure on your body. That makes them very comfortable, even more comfortable than other kinds of jeans.

The manufacturer (Not Your Daughters Jeans) probably have tried several mixtures of spandex and denim until it found the perfect combination between the raw look of denim and the form effect of spandex.

You will see the real effect only after testing them by yourself and seeing on the mirror how your body changes in less than a minute. Even if you like your body and feel confident with your figure, think about tummy tuck jeans as a complement to your beauty, or a replacement for an undesirable diet or simply your secret beauty tip, reserved for special occasions were you want to look better and feel that you look better.

They will take at least one inch of your waist. And believe me, this is enough and the best it can get. If you feel rather fat, there is not point in squeezing yourself into too narrow jeans, since they won't make you look thin, but rather they will make you look squeezed into something narrow. Much more important that this reduction in size, it is the form that it gives your body more feminine and appealing look.

NYDJ tummy tuck jeans are simply in the range of good jeans. They come in all sizes and with many variants. They are not specially expensive or cheap either.

The manufacturer (Not Your Daughters Jeans) has really invested some time in researching what its clients want. You can buy in them in its tall version, or petite, junior and there is even a maternity version available. There are also available in several color. There are the obvious colors for jeans like denim or black. But there is also tan, grey, olive, white and many others. There are also Capri versions.

As said above, the company which manufactures these jeans thought about everything when they were developing jeans made for tummy.