When it comes to deep sea fishing, you not only have to know the species you're after, but you also have to know which lures to use in order to catch them. Now everybody knows that there are lures that work for some fish, a few that work others, and just a few that work for several different kinds of them. Your job is to figure out which lures these are and where to use them. Lucky for you guys, I have decided to write a post pertaining to some of the best lures to use for catching tuna. Have you ever fished for tuna? Whether you have or not, it really doesn't make that big of a difference. The fundamentals are the same for experts and beginners alike. Basically the whole process goes a little like this – you learn the basics of the tuna's patterns, then you learn which lures to use and how to use them. It really is that simple.

When fishing for tuna, it is very important that you find the fish. Most of the time, a school of feeding tuna is not hard to find. They will be offshore, and when feeding, are not hard locate. You might be wondering why, and I am about to explain. Tuna are just like many of the other saltwater fish out there when they key in on a specific food source – they go crazy. You will see water splashing everywhere and small minnows jumping out of the water. This is quite a sight for any fisherman – regardless of how good they are. It amazes people every time they see it, no matter how many times they had experienced it before. Folks, all I can say is what a sight this is to experience. Anyways, you are most likely to see this type of activity early in the morning. Just for the record, morning time is always the best time to scan the waters for prowling schools of tuna.

When a school of yellow fin tuna is located, it is then time to break out the tuna trolling lures. Tuna fishing lures are very distinctive and unique compared to many of the other lures out there. Some of the most productive tuna fishing tackle includes a ballyhoo squid lure and several other squid looking jigs. If you can see a school of tuna, then the best method is to cast right into the middle of them. When they are not visible, it is a good idea to troll some of the areas that consistently hold tuna or attract them. Such areas include structures like oil rigs and such.