Tuna fish marinades

A tuna steak is tasty on its own and there are times when you won’t want to add any seasonings, herbs, spices or sauces to the tuna. However, there are times when tuna can seem a bit boring and mundane and it is during these times when a tuna steak marinade will really give your tuna dish the wow factor.

There are many flavours that compliment tuna steaks and consequently, there are many differentmarinades that will enhance  taste of the tuna. All supermarkets stock a whole range of different tuna steak marinades and there will be something for all tastes. Supermarket tuna steak marinades are ok however they often contain a lot of flavourings, enhancers and preservatives. In addition, the ready made marinades are often high in fat, high in calories and have little nutritional value.

The healthy option is to make your own tuna steak marinades as you have full control over the ingredients that are used and can regulate them accordingly. Making a tuna steak marinade required readily available ingredients and is very quick and easy to do, so there are no excuses. What’s more, when you make your own tuna steak marinade you can create your own bespoke recipes where the only limitation is your imagination.

Tuna steak is a “meaty” dish and I like the substance of it, however I often find the taste of tuna steak quite mundane and boring, therefore I always make a tuna steak marinade when I have tuna steaks on the grill. I like experimenting with food and ingredients and through obtaining some basic recipes and changing them, and through a bit of trial and error I have discovered some very tasty tuna steak marinades.

My first recommended tuna steak marinade is and orange and ginger tuna steak marinade and to make this tuna steak marinade you will need one table spoon of orange marmalade, one cup of fresh orange juice, one teaspoon of garlic powder, half a teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of powdered ginger, two tablespoons of peanut oil, one teaspoon of ground pepper.

My second recommended tuna steak marinade is a soy sauce based marinade that has a bit of a spicy kick, thanks to a liberal amount of dried chilli flakes. So, to make the soy sauce tuna steak marinade you will need three table spoons of soy sauce, the juice from half a lime, one table spoon of rice vinegar, one tablespoon of sesame oil, a pinch of dried chilli flakes (or more if you want even more spice).

My third recommended tuna steak marinade is honey and mustard based and to make this you will need half a cup of red wine vinegar, one table spoon of honey, one tablespoon of brown mustard and three table spoons of extra virgin olive oil.

My fourth recommended tuna steak marinade is lemon and herb based, which is a bit of a classic but it is tried and tested flavours, and to make this you will need half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, one tablespoon of basil, one tablespoon of oregano, three table spoons of lemon juice, a pinch of salt and two cloves of garlic.

My fifth and final recommend tuna steak marinade is another lemon based marinade although it is slightly different. To make this tuna steak marinade you will need three table spoons of lemon juice, five cloves of crushed garlic, two table spoons of soy sauce, half a cup of vegetable oil and some black pepper.

All of my favourite tuna steak marinades are made in the same way, i.e. you simply put all the ingredients in to a bowl and thoroughly mix. You can use a blender or food processor to mix the marinades together, however there really is no need in creating more washing up as a spoon or fork will be more than adequate to mix the tuna steak marinades.

When leaving the tuna in a tuna steak marinade it is important not to soak the tuna steak for too long. Meat can be left in a marinade for hours however this is not the case with a tuna steak in a tuna steak marinade.

The best thing about making your own tuna steak marinades from scratch is you can tailor the ingredients to your own personal tastes. If you want a real spicy kick you can always add some more chillies, if you want a citrus tanginess you can always add some more lemon juice, if you want something a bit sweeter you can always add some sugar, if you want something a bit more salty you can always add some more salt etc. Similarly, if you don’t like a specific ingredient you can leave it out entirely. Making your own tuna steak marinades will bring out your creative side, where you have a free reign to do whatever you like.

If a tuna steak is left to soak in a marinade for too long the flesh will ‘cook’ and end up as a sloppy mush, rendering the tuna useless. So, what is the maximum length of time you should leave the fish soaking in a marinade? Many people consider the maximum soaking time in a tuna steak marinade to be thirty minutes. In my experience tuna steaks require soaking in a tuna steak marinade for no more than fifteen minutes since the tuna steak really soaks up the flavours of the tuna steak marinade. When using a non-acidic tuna steak marinade you may be able to leave the fish soaking for forty five minutes without it being adversely affected, however I really don’t think the fish will need longer than fifteen minutes.

You can cook marinated tuna steaks any way you want however the best method has to be on the barbecue. When barbecuing tuna steaks you need to be a bit careful as the tuna may start to disintegrate and the tasty flakes of fish may fall in to the coals. To prevent this happening you can put some tin foil on the grill and cook the tuna on the foil, or you may decide to use a grilling plank. Whatever method you use it is advisable not to put the tuna steak straight on to the grill.