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  • The book is short and sweet. It gets to the point and stays on point.
  • Like a good textbook, it includes a chapter summary, so it is great for studying.


  • People expecting to read a thick tome of jargon rich prose will be sorely disappointed

Full Review

Does your business suffer from the same ho-hum performance? Is your focus selling, customers, or innovation? If it is, then Craig Stull, Phil Myers, and David Meerman Scott of Pragmatic Marketing believe they have the solution for you. In fact, they wrote the book on it:

Do you resonate in your market?

Product and service sensations like theiPod, Starbucks or FedEx were seemingly successful overnight. But, it wasn't luck, creativity or clever marketing that led to their breakthroughs. It was being Tuned In.

The above is an excerpt from the book. After reading it I have to say that they appear to know thier stuff. The essential premise is to get into the heads of your potential customers by defining various personas. Once you have done that primarily using interviews you can identify problems in your field of expertise that they are willing to pay money for.This is a six step process. By using this process you will become tuned in to the needs of people who are not, but can be, your customers. It's not about innovation since innovation for it's own sake is often ignored. It's not about great service, because you cannot demonstrate that until you have the customer doing business with you. And it isn't about sales since that will lead to pressure, inflation of numbers, and the assumption that all you need to do is push harder.

In Closing

In todays world, you need the ability to adapt and overcome challenges that continuously evolved. What worked well in the 1970's might not be relevant today. This book is not the next big thing, instead it will help you find the next best thing which is success in an ever changing market.

Strongly Recommended

Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs