Organizing a messy play list is up there on the to-do-list of any gadget enthusiast.On the other hand, market is saturated with software companies each claiming to do the job most conveniently. It is not always easy for people to choose the most appropriate tool for organizing their media properly. But, no matter how intelligent a musical clean-up program is claimed to be, what’s  important is that you check it using personally before finally buying it.

Renaming and updating music files manually is a chore that modern software like tune-up have readily made obsolete. That means, manually encoding the name on songs with arguably inaccurate titles is something that you no more need to bother about doing. Convenience is what everybody seeks today. It holds true for the most street savvy music enthusiasts as well who would definitely want an organized, clearly labeled, and absolutely clean music database.

No more Track Ones, Unknown Artists, and Missing Album Covers
Media software can do it in a jiffy with their precise sound matching capabilities. Two seconds may be enough with a fast Internet connection available to detect and arrange a music file nicely. With a vast conglomeration of contemporary songs and a database of decades of musical treasures, matching is done in no time, and that vague item on the list just gets its correct identity.

Every song must be properly labeled, not just for the listener’s pleasure, but as a measure of respect for the artists and composers as well. And since tune-up is a child of the 21st century, videos get to be cleaned up, too.

And what about the more obscure tracks that didn’t quite make it to popular charts, TV countdowns, and movie soundtracks? No worries about rare meta data, because the software finds the information promptly and readily identifies the mystery songs you’ve enjoyed for a while but couldn’t name.

For many media player addicts, finding missing album art is as annoying as finding mis-labeled songs. The software also has the ability to give even the most radical or underground album cover, except for very rare tracks. Still, the productivity percentage is higher than that of many other clever programs.

Of the highest quality

A downloadable software with overall functionality sounds quite attractive, but does it really deliver  when it comes to the nitty-gritty of the issue?  Five minute installation is all you need before filling it up with the first hundred songs from a messy buck load. Good enough, right? You need to be connected to the Internet, of course, and your connection should be consistent for optimal results.

What if we say, you can drag 300 songs for referring to at a time? Do the math! If you have walked or jogged around with a messy playlist of around 5,000 tracks, everything will be sorted out by the time you’re done watching an episode of your favorite reality show. Yes it is reality as Tuneup is at its best.

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