Tungsten Ring

Nowadays jewelry is produced from various types of metals and stones that give the customer and the wearer many options. When it comes to metals, the investment in jewelry should be to give the maximum use for the cost that the wearer can (or cannot, especially bridal jewelry) afford. Simply put, gold is no longer the "standard". Industrial metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten, offer new more affordable options for tasteful and long lasting jewelry choices. There is also a greater demand for jewelry from more pure and natural sources that will not cause allergic reactions and are nickel and zinc free.Tungsten, the new offering in body art jewelry, has pros and cons.

In its raw form, tungsten occurs naturally in the Earth. It is the second heaviest element used by living organisms and is nineteen times more dense than water. In its pure form tungsten is easily malleable and makes virtually indestructible jewelry pieces. It has a high industrial use, as it is used to create high heat lubricants, and high performance drills, knives, and saws for production. Tungsten has been used to make counterfeit gold bars. It is hypo-allergenic and when a brushed finish technique is applied, will never need polishing. It is the best alternative choice for wedding ring. For the best jewelry choices, tungsten should be combined with a carbide.

The best things about tungsten rings is that they will probably outlast the wearer and will not rust or tarnish. They are low maintenance and do not require polishing. They generally have that, "industrial/techno" look, one that is so popular among young people and the creatively fashion forward. Tungsten pieces can be engraved and etched but it takes several steps and procedures to do that. A tungsten ring is what one will want to have one when they accidentally slam their ring finger in the door. At most, the tungsten ring may incur a slight scratch that can be buffed out. And the design options are endless for engraving on tungsten pieces. Again, it is more difficult for the initial process, but the end product will be a longer lasting design.

The cons about tungsten rings? The number one drawback is that they are physically heavier pieces of jewelry. For some wearers, this may be a nuisance. For the most part much of tungsten jewelry is made for men. The metal has a more defined heavy, "industrial" look, and appears more masculine defined in design. Tungsten rings look heavier, and are heavier. Also, seldom are diamond or precious stone set into tungsten, and that may limit purchase choices. There seems to be a bigger market for the engraved bands that are popular now.

Heavy, hypoallergenic, and eternal. Tungsten rings are that and more.