A tunnel tent is a very versatile tent that can be used for camping or play. It is great, as it lives up to its name perfectly. It is built in the shape of a tunnel. This has both its advantages and its disadvantages. If you are someone that always has trouble setting up tents then this may just be the choice for you. It is simply the easiest style to pitch, however they are also really roomy as well. They have ane extremely large internal height, which means they have the best head room out of a lot of styles. The problem is that they are a little less stable than other styles of tents, and you need to make sure that you are fully staked into the ground properly or you will find that you might get blown away! They are however, very resistant to rain and snow, and a tunnel tent is a great option for people that are needing to carry their stuff around with them.

It is basically made by stretching a whole lot of fabric over the hard rings to create the shape of a tunnel, and they are usually entered through a slit in the side, or at the end of the tunnel. This means that there is a lot of space within the tunnel tent. You can get a 4 man tent if you need more space. This depends entirely on the design and they are individual. A tunnel tent has a wide variety of purposes; they aren't just used for camping. You can also get a tunnel tent for your pet, they are very popular for cats. They provide them with a place to play, and they can also seek shelter from the weather in there. You will find that your cats really enjoy playing in these and they are a very popular item.

Another positive is that the rings inside them are hard, however they have a good cover over them. Which means that even if you bang into them you will find that you don't get hurt. This is great for kids. You can get tunnel tents for your kids to play in, they aren't just for camping. They find it great fun to play in these and you will find they spend a lot of time running around, and playing games in them. They are a very lightweight yet durable tent that is perfect for many different occasions. No matter what you want from your tunnel tent you will be able to find one that suits your needs.