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It's tax season and most people can't help but grumble against this necessary evil. I had a friend who always would say, "The only things that are certain are death and taxes." I would then turn and tell him, "Unless you're a politician!"

In recent years we have seen a rise in online tax preparation and less brick-and-mortar businesses offering to do your taxes. Are you tired of trying to find a trustworthy tax preparation company? You don't have to. The online programs that are available are being used by thousands upon thousands of people each year. This is because the programs that are available are so easy to complete that anybody can do them without having to pay a massive percentage as you would to your local H&R rep. And if you've thought about doing taxes this year yourself, I would suggest jumping over to the web and discovering which program best suits your needs. Better yet, read on and find out (out of the top 3), which tax preparation and online tax return software will save you the most money, make it easy to do your taxes, and give you more options to tally every deduction you might have. The three I'm talking about are TurboTax, TaxAct, and H&R Block at Home. If you'd like to bring home a favorable online tax return this year, there are other steps you can take to make your online tax return much higher. Read this piece and find out how ---> Online Tax Return: Get More Back!

We'll just go through what's positive and what's negative about each program and make a final decision on the best software of the year. In this way we will be quite unbiased and ready to choose the absolutely best online tax software possible.



  • Great help center and community forum
  • Separate audit support applications
  • Solid W-2 importing options
  • Strong investment income importing options
  • On average you receive more money back


  • Too many screen summaries (which slow the process down)
  • Not the best pricing ($29.95 - Deluxe; $49.95 - Premier)



  • Much lower pricing (Free Federal)
  • Decent calculation tools


  • Least amount of help of the three
  • Importing is cheaply done
  • Very basic interface
  • Much legal babble



  • Quite easy to navigate and import investment options
  • Live support (if needed)
  • Decent pricing ($19.95 Basic - $29.95 Deluxe - $49.95 Premium)


  • Help files aren't fully operational, there's a few gaps
  • Small list for importing investments


You can easily do your taxes on all three online tax programs. They all include a free option, but I'd go with the higher-priced and easier-to-use option. The easiest and most navigable choice is TurboTax. I've also found that TurboTax will give you a much more favorable online tax return, which easily pays for the higher-than-TaxAct pricing. TaxAct seems too 1990's in my opinion and H&R Block needs more tweeking to be the best. So this year I plan on using TurboTax. It just can't be beat. Some claim that TurboTax pays on average $400 more than the others. And if you desire an even larger online tax return, visit the article Online Tax Return: Get More Back!

Good luck this year while doing your taxes online. May you receive a large refund!