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In the US, George Washington first proclaimed November 26, 1789, to be a national day of Thanksgiving so you have him to thank for all the baked turkey recipes, stuffed or not. Later President Lincoln set the last Thursday in November to be the national day for Thanksgiving. Turkey recipes are used at a Christmas party too. Turkey leftovers are great to take to a potluck party and make healthy meals too. Leftovers turkey ideas can be grilled yet low fat too.

Roasted Turkey

Roasted or baked is one of the most used of the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey recipes ideas. Turkey recipes also can be deep fried which renders a juicy meat too. You can use ideas for stuffed also for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner party. The following recipe is for a roasted turkey which will be juicy and great for a leftovers dinner meal.

Roasted Turkey Recipe

For this turkey recipe you thaw the turkey, breast up on a rack in a roasting pan. Then for this turkey recipe you rub the skin with oil to stop drying out and to keep juicy for leftovers. Put in 325 degree oven. When it is roasted a light golden brown color and about 75 percent cooked, cover with a tented piece of aluminum foil so the breast doesn’t overcook and the leftovers are juicy for another meal. Pay attention to the roasting guidelines on or with the turkey for the correct number of hours to be roasted per pound. This doesn’t include stuffed ideas nor is it low fat.

Turkey Doneness

For a healthy roasted dinner meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas or even for a potluck dinner party meal you must make sure the turkey recipes ideas you use for baked stuffed or not stuffed roasted that your meat thermometer registers 180 – 185 stuck deep in the thigh and juices run clear not pink. Your Christmas turkey recipes when baked, not deep fried or grilled should have the thermometer register 170 – 175 in the thick part of the breast which is just above the breast bone. If you used grilled or deep fried ideas the turkey still should be above those temperatures. If you did stuff the bird then to be a healthy dinner or potluck party leftovers it should register 160 – 165 degrees in the center of the cavity with the stuffing. 

Smoked Turkey

Smoking a turkey is not an easy task and turkey recipes ideas for smoking does not produce a baked low fat turkey but it will be healthy for a potluck and juicy too. Some parts of a turkey are also low fat and can be grilled after they are smoked.  This turkey recipes method takes more time than other recipes including deep fried or grilled. You can brine it first. It is best to smoke a 14 pound or less turkey. The smaller the turkey the faster it cooks. A larger turkey takes longer to smoke and a healthy turkey you don’t want any micro-organisms to develop if the turkey heats up too slowly.

Actual Smoking Procedure

When using that one of the smoked turkey recipes you have to get the smoker up to 225º F. Also that temperature must be maintained during the entire process. Don’t overpower your smoked turkey recipes with smoky flavors. You should smoke it for thirty to forty minutes per pound. Basting with melted butter or other oil helps keep the skin moist. The same internal temperatures apply for this process. At 155ºF you should cover the turkey with a piece of aluminum foil to stop it from being too dried out. After you have removed it from the smoker cover it with a tented piece of aluminum foil and let it rest for about 30 minutes so the flesh can firm up a bit.  

Brined Then Roasted Turkey

Instead of serving one of your low fat, grilled or deep fried turkey recipes you can brine and roast it. When you are brining a turkey according to your turkey recipes part of the preparation after washing the turkey you want to separate the turkey skin from the breast meat so the brine actually gets to the breast meat. You don’t want to tear the kin when doing this so handle it gently.

Brine For The Turkey

For this example of brined turkey recipes you will be putting it down into the brine by putting in the head of the turkey first. There are many different type of brines for brined turkey recipes. All of the brines include salt. They may have brown sugar and stock or water instead for the liquid. Spices and herbs will be your choice depending on the flavors you want but you should add peppercorns. You can add rosemary, onions, cinnamon, sage and allspice or other choices if you prefer them. The brine must be in contact with the entire turkey surface. Use a heavy plate on top of the turkey to keep it from coming out of the brine.

Brining Time

For the brined turkey recipes the turkey should begin its brining time about 10 to 24 hours before you intend to roast it. You should Have the brine prepared the at least day before especially if you plan to roast it as soon as it is removed from the brine. The turkey should be turned at least one time about half way through the brining stage.

Roasting The Turkey

Before you can roast the turkey after you have removed it from the brine you must rinse the turkey well and dry the turkey. Dump out the brine, don’t save it. Before you roast it put some oil on the skin. A brined turkey will cook faster than a non-brined turkey. Some people suggest you begin to roast a brined turkey at 500ºF. If you do this after 30 minutes insert a thermometer to check the temperature. Turn down the oven to 325. A 12 pound turkey using brining turkey recipes should take about two hours or so.