One of the key aims in taking photographs is to show the world something of ourselves. Whether the pictures are of our families, our favourite places or an event which was special to us, we like to show them off to the world and to let others see a little something of our personalities. In the past there were limited means by which to do this.

Pictures could be printed and then put away in a box or a drawer and brought out to show off and particular favourites could perhaps be enlarged and put into frames. Aside from this, however, the options were limited, with even simple re-prints being dependent upon the presence of negatives in good enough condition to work with. That was back in the era when photographs had to be taken onto rolls of film and the number of shots taken by an individual were thus limited to 24 or 36 at a time.

Digital cameras, on the other hand, are capable of taking hundreds if not thousands of images and saving them all, and this plethora of availability is matched by the flexibility with which the resulting images can then be treated. If, for example you have an adorable photo of your young children and you want both sets of grandparents to have their own copies of this image, then producing new copies is instantaneous, simple and cheap. It doesn’t have to stop with just photograph prints, however. Any image of your choice can be turned into a photo gift which exactly matches the image in question, the person you’re giving it to and the occasion upon which you’re handing it over.

Personalised photo gifts range from small simple objects such as fridge magnets and mouse mats to fun novelty items like personalised Christmas stockings or individual snow globes all the way to, at the other end of the spectrum, one off works of art made by printing photographs onto canvas. The key to the whole process lies in the flexibility available- whether you’re looking for something small and cheerful to hand over as a more novel means of sharing your pictures, such as a photo mug or a bag with a picture of your choice printed on it, or want to use your images to produce something which will be a genuinely impressive gift, a once in a lifetime opportunity to show someone just how much they mean to you. Photo gifts which fall into this latter category include unique canvas wall prints which take the image of your choice and turn it into a one off individual work art fit to grace the wall of any gallery or art shop. Printed on top quality artistic canvas, these prints are mounted on sturdy wooden frames and will be a striking and impressive addition to any home.

Photo gifts from the small and cheap to the large and lavish offer an opportunity to take the images which mean the most to you and turn them into objects which combine beauty with quality and meaning. Personalised photo gifts offer a chance to give someone something which will capture both your own personality and just how much they mean to you.