Anyone who’s ever tried to find a work of art with which to decorate the walls of their home will be able to tell you just how tricky this can actually be. The criterion include finding something which meets your tastes and budget, as well as being individual enough to stand out from the crowd, all of which is easier said than done. A photo canvas, however, can tick all of these boxes by bringing together the modern technology of digital photography and the ancient craft of canvas printing.

In the past it was down to professional photographers to produce the kind of stunning images which end up hanging on the walls of galleries or indeed people’s houses. That was, in large part, a result of the kind of expensive equipment which only professionals would have access to. The latest digital camera equipment, however, has changed all of that, with the technology making it possible for even the most casual or amateur of photographers to produce vibrant, striking, stunning images. Not only are the photographs taken by ‘ordinary’ people often excellent, but the technology being used also means that there are a great many more of them.

Taking and keeping pictures is now so simple that we all end up with literally thousands of photographs stored in places as varied as memory sticks, photo albums and on computers, and this combination of volume and technical excellence means that everybody is now in the position of having at least one photograph of which they are particularly proud. It may be an especially touching shot of your children at play, caught in a relaxed and candid manner which no studio based portrait would ever be able to match, or a dramatic picture of a favourite beauty spot or landscape.

Whatever the actual subject of the photograph, if it’s one of which you are especially proud and which manages to capture and reflect something important about the person you are and the image you like to present to the rest of the world, then it would be a perfect candidate for canvas printing. Putting photos on canvas is a technique which allows absolutely anybody with a digital camera to produce unique works of art , taking their own images and turning them into artefacts which would be fit to grace the walls of absolutely any gallery or museum. From fairly small, square prints to larger scale works of a type which would dominate any room they’re hung in, canvas prints can be adapted and modified to exactly fit the requirements of the customer.

The software which is used makes it incredibly simple to turn absolutely any image into a canvas print of the highest possible quality. Simply upload the image, choose the shape and size of the finished print and then decide if you want to tweak it by having it printed in dramatic monochrome or pleasing sepia tones. Once you’ve finalised the design your photo on canvas will be produced to the highest possible standard, using canvas which is wipe clean and will not fade or lose its colour due to the effects of sunlight and time. With a ‘wrap around’ printing technique which takes the image up to and then around the very edge of the sturdy wooden frame, these prints will allow absolutely anybody to produce and display works of art which are unique, personal and of the highest possible quality.

Designing and printing a photo canvas would once have been something which only a professional artist could even think of, but the technology now available means that it is open to everybody.