Guide on Cutting Down TV Time and Making Your Life Better

Kill Your TV

If you watch television (TV), you are causing catastrophic damage to your life potential.  If you change your habits from watching TV to gaining another skill you will find yourself wildly skillful.  Your life is short and one day you will want to look back on your life and be happy that you took direct action to be the best you can be.  Here is the best advice you can take advantage immediately: Kill Your TV.

TV programs are created to keep your attention.  They do not focus on quality or depth of content, unless quality and depth happen to cause you to sit and watch your TV longer.  Spending time in front of the TV is very easy and mindless so it is an easily set trap by the corporate media.  It's important that you make a unyeilding effort to break free from this laziness.  Real skill development will be far more rewarding during your life time.

The rewards of putting your boob tube time towards something else are vast.  Your options really are limitless but I'll list a few here to get your mind started:
-Learn to speak Chinese
-Build a Custom Sports Car
-Write a Book (if you can't think of a topic, do something that you could write a book about)
-Learn Musical Instruments
-Teach your cat to speak Spanish
-Learn to Weld

10 minutes a day equates to 60 hours a year (you know you watch more that 10 minutes of TV a day).  This is enough time to go from knowing nothing on the guitar to playing Classical Gas by Eric Clapton.  This time next year, would you rather know how to play classical guitar or have 60 hours logged of corporate media rubbish?

Of course, it is hard to actually turn the TV off, so I recommend drastic immediate physical action.  Kill your TV with a sledgehammer or a shotgun.  It's best to make a really physical and destructive scene of the event.  If you've been a TV addict, this will be very emotional (Romeo and Juliet-esque.)  Basque in this emotion!  It will be like being born again.  Do it now!  Kill that TV!  GO NOW!