An easy to use language translation software solution that's easy on the pocket.


You can't translate from English to another language. Also, translations tend to suffer accuracy issues when pictures have shadows over the text, are taken on glossy or curved surfaces or when pictures are taken at an angle.

Full Review

PicTranslator PhotoIf you like dining out but feel intimidated to try that new French restaurant because your French is not up to scratch, you should give PicTranslator a look. PicTranslator is an iPhone language translation software that's available on the apple apps store.

PicTranslator uses the apple iPhone's camera to take pictures of road signs, menus, maps and any printed foreign text and sends it off to be translated at a secret site. You will need internet service on your device for the app to work. If you need to translate anything but larger text, it is best to use the iPhone 3Gs, as the older iPhones tend to slow down the translation process.

Translation Accuracy

Not many foreign language translators allow you to use a camera to capture text translation but this app sure makes it quick and easy. Unfortunately, the feature suffers from some accuracy issues, especially when taken at an angle or the image itself is blurry. However, the translations can be made more accurate by cropping pictures to focus on the section of text you especially wish to translate; the company promises better translation accuracy in the months to come.

Supported languages

PicTranslator is a novel way to deal with your language translation needs. Whether it is a French to English, Spanish to English or German to English solution you seek, this translation software is a good option for those who own an iPhone, provided you have internet service. Other languages supported include: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish. However, the app can only translate to English from the others.

As an added bonus the software will also give the pronouncement of the foreign text but can only do so in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

PicTranslator is available in the App Store for free, if you want just one language or you can purchase any of the 16 supported languages separately for between $.99 and $1.99 or purchase them all at once for $2.99.

In Closing

Overall, PicTranslator is a good solution for anyone who is looking for a language translation software and already has an iPhone. Don't bother to consider buying this app if the language you need is not among the 16 available or if you want to translate from English to another language.