sweaterThis is a tutorial that was born from frustration. I learned a valuable lesson about clothes before doing this project. Always check your child's pockets before you put their clothes in the wash. The scarf I used for this tutorial spent time in the washing machine with play dough. Since I couldn't fix it I decided to reuse it like many things in this house.

I love making kids clothes. I know all of my kids love the days when it is "their turn" to have an outfit made. A few of them ask me every day if it is their turn and that is why I have so many tutorials prepared. All of my videos are made from fabrics or material that I got on sale or second hand. Normally I can make a child's outfit for a quarter or less of what it would cost me brand new.

Finished PantsSewing clothes for children gives you freedom to express your creativity and also gives your child a great outfit to wear. The best part of making clothes for your children is knowing the clothes are high quality. There is nothing worse than buying a new outfit from the department store only to find that a seam has a rip. I often double stitch my seams so ensure that I will never have that problem.

I encourage you all to take up the art of sewing. It doesn't take long to learn and the rewards are numerous. You can give these clothes as gifts or even donate things to a charity for underprivileged children. Children are gracious recipients and will love whatever you make them.

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Learn to Sew and Make Infant or Toddler Pants Without A Pattern