Cleaning time

Make cleaning into a workout...

There's nothing better than doing regular workout programs at the gym, around the neighborhood or in classes. But sometimes the weather will keep you indoors, or you may want a change of pace. Why not combine your workout with accomplishing indoor chores that would otherwise take up your time? You can exercise at home and get the most out of your efforts.

By combining your exercising with those chores or projects, you can get double the results from your work. Here are just some ideas on multi-tasking your workout.

Paint or wallpaper the walls! Bend, stoop, brush -- and turn on some music to get a wonderful new look to your walls while you exercise. Play with the children or pets and PARTICIPATE!

Kids and pets really know how to get a real workout. Scrub those stubborn stains out of floors and carpets. Once again, some good rhythmic music will help you scrub to the beat.

Redesign and rearrange furniture. There's nothing like a face lift in your house every now and then. And you'll get to pump those biceps! Warning: be careful with your back should you decide to move any heavy furniture.

Clean windows, patch holes, and do all those little jobs that will make you feel really clever, save you money on hiring someone else, make your home prettier and get those muscles working!

Re-pot indoor plants or start an indoor garden. Wear gloves to protect your hands and once again, watch your back when lifting.

Clean out that basement or attic. Okay. Maybe this one is going too far. Anyway, it's too easy to get sidetracked by all the mementos and memories.

Start an indoor building project. Make it a big one. One that will make you move around.

Build a big cat-climbing exercise gym or cat house if you have felines.

Build a bookshelf or a bunk bed.

Learn how to do something new that will give you a chance to expand your mind while challenging your body. And in the end you'll even have something you are proud of having done. There are limitless ways to multitask so you get physical benefits. So put away some of those electrical gadgets that do it all for you and get fit. Challenge yourself with active projects. Previous centuries had few people with weight problems because they actively WORKED. There can be benefits to the body, mind and soul doing things 'the old fashioned way'. You'll feel fit and get to be proud of all you accomplished in the process!