Pet Turtles

You may not realize just how many species of turtles exist all around the world. It is possible to create a survivable habitat for most species if you do your research. It’s important that you always create a habitat that is similar to their normal environment type. Whether they like water mostly as aquatic turtles or dry land as box turtles, you can create the type of environment that is right for them to keep them happy.

 There are common turtles and then there are more exotic kinds and both make good pets. Most people think of these reptiles as very shy and unintelligent pets. This is not true at all. They may be slow in moving in some cases but they are still intelligent and very amusing to watch.

 Most are not aggressive pets which makes them a wonderful pet for children of all ages. Most are quite friendly with a few exceptions like the snapper  or the Spiny soft shelled. Both of these  will bite.

 These reptiles are low maintenance pets for the reason that they do not require a lot of attention, as a dog or cat. They do require habitat circumstances in order to survive though. They need specific temperatures, vitamins, light sources, and a cleanly maintained tank. They do love attention although not the same as a dog or cat. They enjoy human companionship and the attention given to them just like any living creature. The aquatic kind has a higher maintenance attached to it because of the care of the tank. The water needs to be changed frequently to keep them healthy.

 There is minimal pet sitting while on vacation. If you are going away for a week, your pet can survive with a supply of food and water if it’s a land type reptile and a supply of live food if it is an aquatic type.  If it’s an extended vacation the best thing is to have a family member or close friend check in on the turtle. There is always a chance that there may be a power outage which may offset a filter and it may need to be a restarted. It is always easier to not have to worry and to have a backup plan in case of a power failure or other emergency.

Turtles do have personalities although they don’t understand or do tricks like a dog. They can be very social when given regular attention.  They are very active and most likely if they aren’t it is a sign that they are sick.

 Cautions: These pets can carry salmonella disease so if you’re plan on having them as a pet and you have kids, it’s best to remind them to wash their hands after handling them.


Turtles as pets

Turtles as pets

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