Tuscan dining is really all about family and home. When you think of this region of the world you may envision all of the beautiful food and meals around the table with lots of family and extended family. This is really a chance to bring the same feel into your own space no matter where you live. You can really create the same look just with paint and furniture without spending a lot of money. This is an opportunity to get the Italian villa feel without actually having to relocate. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

Invest in furniture that really makes a statement. This is probably where the bulk of your money will go to. It's important to bring in that rich wood tone. It should have a warm finish. You can even go with a distressed wood which will have a lot of different imperfections in it. This can also be quite durable if you're afraid of having a formal dining room set with your kids. It's a very good juxtaposition between the casual and the elegant worlds. It has a traditional fell but it's also very trendy at the same time. It can work with all different kinds of architecture and lifestyles but still have a very rich and elegant feel.

When you decorate with themes you really want to avoid clichés. Instead, you really want to focus in on what an actual Italian house would be like. There would probably be a lot of architectural elements and things would have been added to over time so you get a variety of materials. You could try bringing in a stone wall either with faux stone or actual stone. You could also just beef up your fireplace with a few new stones which will bring a lot of character, color and texture into your space. This is important so that your home has a sense of history even if it is new. It can also be a conversation point. However, since dining rooms are quite small you really want to make sure that you don't overdo these materials because you can really overpower the space. You also want to spend your money on design choices that future home owners will be able to appreciate or at least change out.

If you can't replace your entire dining set then really just consider going with a few new pieces. This will help maximize your budget but you can still get that Tuscan dining room that you love. For instance you could just try bringing in a new buffet. You could go with a hand painted piece. You might want to try the painted finish with a wood finish on the same piece. The room should be very bright and airy, but it can also juxtapose against cream paint with a rich dark stain. This allows you to mix and match with any painted furniture or wood pieces that you already have in your space.

The furniture that you to choose should have a lot of detail to it. The chairs might have intricate carvings. You can always just do a simple DIY project and recover your existing chairs with something a little more elegant. You'll just need a staple gun to accomplish this project and don't underestimate the impact that these small changes can have.

The metallic finish for this kind of room should be worn. It can be either bronze or an oil rubbed bronze which will appear like a metallic chocolate. You can update your existing chandelier. It's important to have a very intricate light fixture, but it shouldn't center around crystals but it should still look elegant. It should have more of a farmhouse effect. You can accomplish this with just a little bit of spray paint to make it look rusty. You could also just add a few lampshades to tone down the light and give it a little bit more of the mood lighting effect. This is an easy way to change out the accessories in your space.

Another reason that this region is known is for is its pottery. You'll really want to pay attention to your place setting it should have a handmade effect. You can also use beautiful painted china bowls on top to really get the feeling that you have collected them over time. This allows you to shop around at thrift stores and buy pieces that you truly love while still giving each one its own unique color palette.

There are several different options to go for when you decorate with this kind of color palette. It can be very rich and elegant or bold and striking. It can also look very aged. It all just depends on what works well for your lifestyle and what will match the rest of your house. You could give a plaster effect to your walls by doing a faux finish. You'll probably want to keep this in a neutral color just because it was popular a few years ago in brighter colors and now it looks quite dated. You really don't want to try a sponge effect. Instead it should be very subtle and soft so that you almost don't notice it. Instead it has a very aged appearance. You'll really want to keep your stenciling to a minimum just so that it doesn't replicate an Italian restaurant. You don't want to take the theme too far. A little restraint can go a long ways and can save you money and time. At the same time it really ensures that you get an elegant looking space that is still custom to your lifestyle.

You can also go with a lot of different accessories for this kind of room or even decorate with metal outdoor chairs. You can mix and match different urns or hang beautiful plates on the wall. You can also hand scroll work on the wall. This will take the place of traditional wall art and it is quite neutral. Traditional Tuscan art usually features simple landscapes or paintings with houses or towns. This is an easy way to really drive home your theme. You might want to just keep your existing furniture. This can save you a lot of money. Then just change out your accessories to bring in an entire new color` and theme without spending a lot of money.