Tuscan home decor is warm and welcoming. It also has an air of elegance to it. This design style helps you make what you'd traditionally think of as kids' colors such as red, yellow and orange and use them in your main living space in elegant ways. Here are a few tips to turn your existing space into a Tuscan home with just a few accessories.

Make your couch feel opulent. A Tuscan living room should have a formal element to it. The best way to accomplish this is to really just pile on the throw pillows. You'll want to use accessories with lots of tassel and beaded trims for added elegance.

The same rule applies to the window treatments. You want to stick with a heavy or opulent fabric like faux silk, velvet or suede. You can even use curtains over shades with a cornice on top. Some crafters and seamstresses can mimic an awning for more of a bistro feel in the kitchen. The key is that the window treatments are really what are going to differentiate your room from a basic living room.

Stones and rich metals like coppers or oil rubbed bronze are a staple in this design style. These materials aren't always easy to find on a budget so you'll need to just find accessories that incorporate these materials. Look for plaster garden urns that you can use as display pieces on shelves or use them as storage in your home office. You can also add metal touches with pans or just find a copper colored soap dispenser.

One of the staples of Tuscan decor is paintings of the countryside featuring tall trees, sunsets and red tile roofs. This will instantly give you a Tuscan style room but you might just think that it's too cliché. You can always just think of a more modern take on it to get a unique look to your room. You could take macros photos red tiles or archways. You can also just make a simple modern art style sunset by blending a few warm colors together on a large canvas.

One of the trademarks of Tuscan design is a warm air that is also sophisticated. You might be afraid to paint your walls orange or even invest in a red sofa. Instead, bring in accessories that you can change out. You can add a lot of warmth and personality to a room. Tuscan rugs should look like they've been around for awhile; you can even make your own one out of rags. Another option is to go with a really contemporary rug. This will break up the design style so it doesn't start feeling like a restaurant. A lot of these rugs feature a lot of different squares in various colors. This will allow you to tie in whatever accessories you are using with your existing furniture and wall color while giving the entire room a bolder look.

You can turn your formal living room into a Tuscan space with just a few changes. This design style works well with neutral furniture. It also really shines in a kitchen with all the natural wood and stones. This will help you turn your new house into a home on a budget.