A Trip To Tuscany

One of the most beautiful destinations one can visit is Tuscany. Peace, beauty and quiet is what you will get with a Tuscany holiday. Good, mouth watering homemade food, fine wines and lots of culture is what you can expect. Tuscany has the most wonderful art, architecture and production of wine in Italy. Tuscany has over 3 million people, Tuscany is thought to be a city, but it is a region found around the famous city of Florence.
If you are planning a Tuscany Holiday, Tuscany has many things to offer besides its own beauty. Tuscany is known for their villas, which many tourists like to rent. Farm villas are popular as well.  They come in many sizes to fit a small family or a few families. A Tuscany holiday on a serene farm over looking beautiful vineyards, and enjoying the sunset over a glass of fine wine and cheese from the local village, is an amazing vacation. Or if you would prefer a thermal spa, walk the villages, shop and visit museums, Tuscany offers that as well.
Getting to Tuscany
You can fine several reasonably priced flights to Italy. They generally fly to the large international airports in Milan or Rome. From there you would need to take a train, a bus or rent a car to get to Tuscany. When you arrive in Tuscany, there are some other fun and easy kinds of rentals to get around the places you want to visit. In the large cities and even small towns, bicycles and scooters are available, and preferred because there is a lot of traffic in many places, especially the bigger cities. Tuscany is small, within less than an hour you can generally be in one of Tuscany's major cities, such as Florence, Siena or Pisa.
This is one of the exciting things to look forward too, especially if planned right. Tuscany offers beautiful villas and many have plenty of history with traditional Italian architecture. Villas are usually suitable for families or larger groups; there are many Tuscan villas that have been divided into several apartments that are perfect for a couple or small families. Many villas have permanently been converted into charming bed and breakfasts or hotels, offering guests the experience of a Tuscan holiday that seems to be at a country estate.
Staying at a bed and breakfast allows you to experience the rural life in Tuscany in a welcoming, quaint, home setting. Staying on the countryside in a Tuscan farmhouse is also a peaceful experience. You can assist in the grape or olive harvest, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking or just enjoy the quiet and peace of the countryside.
You will also find a large selection of hotels in Tuscany or the countryside. Many hotels are grand villas and estates that offer a large range of services, from a spa center to restaurants and more.
Weather in Tuscany
April, May, October and November months usually have good weather. The coast and valleys tend to have hotter summers than the hills or mountains. The warm months are usually July and August. The cool months are December and January.  October, December, March and April are usually the rainy months
Things To Do
Museums, sight seeing, Tuscan cooking classes, wine tasting and wine tours, hiking, biking shopping, thermal baths, and plenty of restaurants. During the evenings there are pubs and nightclubs.
Thermal spas are a favorite venue for tourists. Tuscany is the region of the thermal springs, it has many natural hot springs. So if you want to relax and invigorate all your energies, a thermal spa would be perfect within your Tuscan holiday. 
 Some of the thermal spas are outdoors and mostly open during spring and summer; others are open all year.
Tuscany Top Attractions
Below is a list of popular top attractions that are offered to give you a better an idea of what is offered and plan your Tuscan Holiday.
•       Pisa and the leaning tower
•       Tuscany one day sight seeing tour
•       Florence Accademia and Uffizi gallery tour
•       Ciniqe Terre Day trip
•       Siena and San Gimignano Day trip
•       Italian cooking class
•       Cinique Terre Hiking Day trip
•       Chianti region wine tasting
•       Florence City tour
•       Florence City shopping tour
•       Florence cheese and wine tasting
•       Florence bike tour
•       Horse riding in Chianti

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