How can professional tutors benefit your child? Will a tutor be worth the investment you'll put into one? If you're asking these questions, you should know about three key ways a tutor can enhance your child's education.

Individualized Attention

In a typical school classroom, thirty to forty students are clamoring for a single teacher's attention. It's simply not possible for a teacher to give individual attention to every student in the classroom. A student having difficulties with the subject can easily get behind and keep falling farther behind. This can lead to frustration and acting out, especially for students with learning differences or emotional issues. For those students, the individual attention given by professional tutors can bring their mastery of the subject matter back up to the level of the rest of the class and ease behavioral issues.

Struggling Student

Keeping Knowledge Fresh

The lengthy summer breaks most schools take can take a toll on students' knowledge base. Even if your child did well in Algebra I, moving up to Algebra II after a lengthy break in which she forgot all about quadratic equations can lead to anxiety and frustration. Engaging a tutor over the summer keeps that knowledge alive and active in her mind. When the school year begins again in the fall, she can enter her classes ready to learn new material without needing to review the old.

Greater Confidence

One of the primary reasons students do badly on exams is nerves. If this is true for your child, he may become so nervous at the prospect of a test that he's unable to remember what he studied. This is true for both regular classroom tests and higher-level exams such as the ACT or SAT. Professional tutors can give him the confidence he needs to fully represent his own knowledge of the subject matter. The more assurance he has that he knows and understands the subject, the better his chances are of being able to use that knowledge during test-taking. This is also true for students entering college after graduation. College brings many changes for students, and entering with the knowledge that he's prepared will give him the confidence he needs to tackle this new chapter in his life.


For your child, the one-on-one attention that professional tutors provide can lead to both greater knowledge in a subject and greater confidence in the mastery of that subject. If that sounds like something worth investing in, contact College Tutors to see what we can do for your child.