School is something that most everyone has to go through and for some lucky students it comes very easy. For others, school can be a big headache and can be the cause of much stress and anxiety. If you are one of the students who struggles with school and homework, don’t worry you aren’t alone.


It seems that more and more students are having troubles understanding material and this is due to a number of reasons. For some students, learning new material is just something that naturally comes difficult. There is no one to blame for this, it just happens. For others, the recent overcrowding of schools may have something to do with the learning difficulties. With more and more cutbacks happening, teachers are being forced to teach large classrooms where they aren’t able to give one-on-one attention easily. For those students that need a little extra help these large classrooms are causing serious issues.

Struggling Student


No matter the reason for your classroom troubles there are people out there who can help you gain some understanding of lessons and homework. Tutors are a great educational resource when it comes to helping someone like you; gain a better perspective about material. So if you are feeling lost in the crowd perhaps a tutor can help you find your way.


Finding a Tutor

If you think that a tutor would be beneficial in helping you get better grades there are several places where you (or your parents) can look to find a tutor.

  • Your School: Many times schools have tutoring programs in place to help students who find themselves struggling. Talking to a guidance counselor your teachers can help you see if there is such a program in existence. If there is then you can sign up with them and get some help through the school. If there isn’t a program through your school your teachers may still be able to offer you some suggestions as to where you could find someone to help you.
  • Online: It seems today that everything can be found online and tutors are no exception. There are many online tutoring services out there such as College Nannies and Tutors that can help you find a quality tutor that can help you out. Signing up with these services does come with a fee but you are ensured that you will be getting a qualified and competent tutor that will definitely be able to help you make some progress with your schoolwork.
  • Newspapers: Don’t overlook taking out an ad in your local newspaper. Simply place an ad that tells people what kind of tutor is needed and your contact information. The newspaper is also a great place to look for ads for tutors who want jobs helping students such as you.



Things to Remember

  • Tutoring takes time: Don’t expect to see instant improvements in your grades and understanding of the material. Tutoring takes time and you should see progression within a couple of tutoring sessions. However to see big increases in your grades, say from a D to a B, it may take a month or two.
  • Tutors aren’t there to do your work: If you hire a tutor who simply gives you the answers, get rid of them. A tutor isn’t there to simply give you the answers; they are there to teach you the material so that you can come up with the answers on your own. If they are just telling you the answers they are hurting you more as you are not actually learning anything.