Do you know how I found out that there was such a thing as a Tuxedo cat? I had just gotten two black and white kittens and couldn't figure out what to name them. I did what any other person does when they are looking for names; I got on the Internet. I had been thinking about the name Tuxedo for one because he looks like a tuxedo; I mean, right down to his white paws that look like the cuffs on a white shirt. That's when I discovered there was such a thing as a Tuxedo cat. They are simply, black and white cats. Here is Tuxedo, trying to make bread in a basket:

Tuxedo in a Basket

Any cat will "knead" a little, but it seems like Tuxedo really loves it. He tries it on my leg, and I have to stop him - his claws are a little too sharp at times.Tuxedo likes to climb up under my chin and nuzzle. At times, I wonder if I should have named him Valentino which is what I named my other black and white cat.


Valentino got his name for just what I described with Tuxedo, except he nuzzles, then gets up on my shoulder. Before he got too big, he used to curl himself around and lay on top of my shoulder. Now, he just puts his head on it. Valentino has an issue with me being gone. I think it is actually separation anxiety. He has a stuffed fish which he puts in his mouth and bellows (the word my husband used to describe the sound). I've only heard a small remnant of it from another room, because he usually does it when I'm not there. Occasionally, as I said, he does it when I'm still at home, but in another room. By the time I check, he's got the fish out of his mouth and is meowing up at me in a normal voice. He's a cutie, isn't he?

Valentino on the Piano

As to what makes these two tick, I haven't a clue. Does anyone with cats know what makes them tick? That's what makes a cat a cat. One of my friends told me that the reason these two act so odd sometimes is because they are indoor cats. If that's true, they are just going to have to act odd. I've seen too many outside cats lying on the side of the road dead. Maybe I'm selfish; but Tuxedo and Valentino seem to be pretty happy to me, and they certainly are spoiled!