Have you ever written an article that you just simply knew it had all the right stuff? That happens more than you think. You have platforms or multiple online contents that you write for such as Yahoo Content, Triond, Info Barrel and others. Many of these will only accept original contents and you have this WOW article that you can only submit to one. There is a way to submit it to more than one and still have original content.

When you have these wonderful articles and need to submit them to multiple directories or platforms you can. What you want to do is “tweak” them to make on the same content or the same format but different. You may not obtain 10 articles from one but you can make 2 or 3, possibly more if you are a great enough writer.

Your article is your thoughts and ideas that you have formatted into sentences, paragraphs and finally an article. Take these same thoughts, ideas and format them into a skillful article with the same content, expression and thoughts but with different words. Change the title, but keep your meaning. You can use different words without changing the meaning. The same can be said of the rest of your article.

There are some writers that will do this formatting with each article they write and submit to all of their contents. You can keep your same keywords and write a different article whose meaning is the same as the original. Remember, this is your article and you can do with it whatever you like.

This idea is fantastic for those of writers that have platforms that generate income from views of their articles. You know when you have something special and want to share it with more audience. Everyone doesn’t read every post on some of these that are named here. Therefore, you are reaching more readers when you have that wonderful article that you have drafted.

Don’t cheat your readers out of something that should be shared. There are great writers out there and they can develop brilliant articles with impressive content. Share it with as many readers as you can.