Fine-tuning Articles

Be Your Own Editor

Let's say you wrote an InfoBarrel article a year or so ago and haven't given it a glance since. If that is the case, today may be the day you want to click on the "Edit" prompter and have a look at the "insides" of that article. Perhaps you won't want to change a thing. But odds are, you will want to make at least one or two changes. 

For instance, maybe there is something out of date about your article as it stands currently. If that is the case, you will want to make any appropriate updates so that the piece can be as current and "up to date" to any new readers as possible. Also, if you have any outgoing links in your article, click on the links to make sure they still work and/or are still being directed to the article of your choosing. If the links no longer work or no longer send the reader to the right place online, you will probably want to eliminate them.

Speaking of including links in your articles, you may want to consider linking to other InfoBarrel articles in your own library, as this provides strong backlink "juice" for your other work, as well as potentially keeping readers' eyeballs on the site. (Remember, however, to include no more than two "self-serving" links in your articles.)

It's good to focus on building up the number of articles in your personal library, but you also want to make sure that you continually revise and polish each individual article to your liking. (In other words, focus on the overall quality of your content in addition to increasing the quantity of articles in your library.) And be sure to exceed the 325-word minimum for each article. (If possible, try to make most of your articles 400 words or longer, as this increases your odds of gettibg the article indexed.)

In addition, it never hurts to reread the piece sentence by sentence to make any needed corrections. Do you like the way the sentences "flow"? If not, make some adjustments so that the article reads better for your readers. Most readers appreciate an article that is both well constructed and a "smooth" read. Be sure, while you are at at, to check your keyword density and make sure it does not exceed the percentage approved by the site.

Check each individual section of the article. Do you want to change the signature to a new one? Perhaps you would like to designate it as a charitable article? If so, make that change now. Always make the effort to include a summary of the article in the designated box, even if it is just a very brief one. Also, don't forget to include five tags and any Amazon information that you feel is appropriate. If you don't have headings and sub-headings, or if you want to adjust your current ones, now is a good time to do so. 

In other words, examine your article from beginning to end and make any changes that you feel will improve it all the way through. It's great that we have the chance to change our articles for the better on this site. You may even find that you want to changes your articles more than once, and that is perfectly fine. Finally, be sure to proofread everything once or twice once you have made all your changes.