The tween age group is one of the most difficult to handle when it comes to decorating a tween bedroom, both creatively as well as financially. This stage does not last a long time, like the teenage years, for example, therefore you have to think of your budget. You can't think of something that is going to be too childlike, but you won't want something that is going to be too sophisticated either. This is why you have to get your tween involved in the process as well.

No child is the same. Some are into their sports, and are crazy about things like baseball and football. Others have a keen interest in science and their eyebrows always raise up a notch when people start talking about how certain things work.

In saying that, there are always those who are affected by peer pressure and they will insist that they have what everyone else in their class has. This is just par for the course when thinking of tween bedroom ideas.


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Every tween needs a computer in their bedroom with a proper work desk. Boys are not usualy too fussed about the appearance as you can probably imagine, but girls will probably want to go shopping with you. Appearance and practicality is important to them. Here you can see where their interest lies, and this is very important because it helps show off their identity. 


Colors are also very important because they say a lot about the tween. A shade of navy blue can identify a boy as being more manly, while pretty pink is for the princess. Not all girls will take this approach, because a lot of this defines their personality. A girl who enjoys sport or loves spending her time at the beach, is not likely going to go for the pinky approach.


Tween girl room ideas - we often think of pink, but this is not always the case.

Most tweens are still very keen on colors, so they will go for something bright. It does not necessarily mean the whole room has to be neon greens and yellows. You may just have a brightly colored wall, a desk or even the bedding should stand out. They want something modern with bold graphics, and are starting to move away from the soft pastel colors that they once grew up with when they were kids.

Different Styles

Tweens grow up at different rates. It is not as if when they reach twelve, they are all at the same emotional level. Some of these kids are much more mature than others, and their level of sophistication is greater. This could be because of a number of factors - their mental status, they may have older brothers or sisters or they may hang out with more mature people.


Have a look at the photo above, and you will notice the clever storage solutions. This is another thing to think of, especially if you have  a small room. You could fit in a bed with drawers that fit underneath. Find little nooks and crannies and make use of them creatively. Put baskets and othere types of shelving in there.


When you are thinking of tween room ideas, you will have to think of all of these factors. Tweens who are more mature will go for something that a teenager might have in their room, while an immature tween may not have got to that stage, and could still be hanging on to certain toys and fluffy animals which you will spot on the edge of the bed.

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Tweens Sharing

It's important that you take that extra effort and make sure your tweens are happy in the bedroom that they are sharing. Although, they will appreciate this later in life, at this stage they just want their space and indepedence. Unfortunately this is not always possible. However, you can achieve great things with things like room dividers or certain colors and great styles and designs that won't disappoint.

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Have other accessories, like a comfortable place to sit with a fuzzy rug or pillow. An interesting lamp next to the bed also adds some interest.

Tween Bedroom Themes

If your son or daughter has a love for something in particular which you think is definitely not a phase, then you can make a theme of this. This is great for people on a tight budget if you can see that your tween is going to keep this interest up throughout high school. In that case you won't need to redecorate again when the teenage years crop up.

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